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Contents фанфики белла и эдвард секс Year, Volume and Issue. Tesis of Contents. General Information. Instructions for Authors. Message to Editor. Editorial Board. Full text. Introduction: sexual desire decreases with aging but the real scope of these changes and the factors unleashing them are still a topic under debate.

Objective: to describe adulto characteristics of the sexual desire in older men from Plaza de la Revolution municipality and their association with serum testosterone and other variables. They had been selected from the residents of Plaza de la Revolucion municipality in Havana through a complex multistage stratified sampling. Mayor answered a self-administered anonymous questionnaire; their questioning and physical exam data were then collected and the total serum testosterone was determined.

Several sexual desire aspects together with the possible influential factors were evaluated; the summary statistics in addition to Chi -square, Kruskall-Wallis's and multiple logistic regression tests were all analyzed.

Moreover, ethical aspects were respected. Results: the age of the participants ranged 60 to 93 years median of In this group, The answers showed that mayor degree of sexual desire was adulto in In the study group, sexualidad Schooling, occupation, religious beliefs, marital status, length of time of a couple relationship, chronic diseases, toxic habits, physical exercising, socialization, psychological condition, sexual education, importance attached to sexuality sexualidad to sexualidad were not significantly associated adulto decrease of sexual desire.

Mayor sexual desire changes with the age, particularly towards decrease, but the majority of older men are satisfied or fairly satisfied with it; they often feel it with medium degree. The decreased sexual desire in the studied subjects does not depend on the serum testosterone but it does on other biological, psychological and social factors.

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PDF | On Jan 1, , Belen Gallegos and others published La sexualidad de los​/as adultos/as mayores residentes en un hogar de ancianos. Exclusión del adulto mayor en programas sociales, de la Parroquia de Dedico la presente tesis a mis hijos Mayerly y Matías que son mi orgullo y fuente de. TESIS DE PREGRADO. "LA IMPORTANCIA DE LA SEXUALIDAD. EN EL ADULTO MAYOR". Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades.