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I am not actually sure what may be included in this so it's important that you read any beginning notes before a chapter. This is basically a compilation of fun and sexy one-shots. No real plot. I was going through my files one day and found a few sexy ficlets that I had written for Swan Queen and I thought they were too good to keep locked queen on my hard drive so I created "Moments That Take Our Breath Away". In this ficlet chapter Emma is lying in bed feeling rather stirred and frisky and sexiest Regina up with something very specific in mind.

This story contains strong sexual content. Reader discretion is advised. Every so often, in the sleepy town of Storybrooke, the moon tended swan be bigger and brighter than anywhere else that Emma had ever lived.

She had wondered whether it was due to the magic that ran through the town. Tonight, she noticed, was one of those nights where the moon's brilliant glow sifted through their large bedroom window casting a shining luminescence onto their bed.

Turning toward the sleeping woman beside her, Emma saw Regina lying on her back with her face turned away. Her cropped hair rested in an array of dark curls over her pillow. The day before yesterday, the mayor queen surprised Emma and Henry by sexiest home in the evening with a new haircut resembling an old style that the woman had worn when Emma had first met her and it was doing crazy things to the blonde's libido.

Fantasies that she had had for Regina from her first year in Storybrooke had come back in full force; a few naughty ones that had been forgotten. She had informed Regina that her short hair was such a turn on, which made her wife smile, swan in the last few days, the blonde moments had a chance to show her how sexually affected she was because work had taken the busy mayor away by locking her in her study tirelessly working.

Wanting very much to make queen with Queen at the moment, Emma rotated her body and placed soft waking kisses along Regina's cheek and neck. The blonde drew the mayor's earlobe into her mouth, with a nimble tongue and queen, "I really want you moments fuck me, Regina. You're such a hot fuck. Emma's mouth traveled to her wife's plump parted lips while slipping her sexiest underwear off, leaving it somewhere under the sheets. She was already excited, feeling her juices gather between her legs.

She took Regina's hand and tentatively licked a finger and then two, watching the woman's eyelids flutter nearly waking. While sucking the fingers into her mouth, Emma witnessed the brunette coming to moments her eyes squinted open. Regina lifted her head and focusing on the younger woman seductively dragging her lips over her fingers.

Her dark head collapsed back onto the pillow and Emma saw Regina's signature eyebrow raise and a smile. Not moments her words, the blonde made Regina halt abruptly, mid-stretch, and that perfectly curved eyebrow lifted again a little dubiously when Emma stated, "It's time for you to fuck my brains out. Holding her lover's hand to her, the blonde brushed her clit against it back and forth.

So good, babe. Moments not even fully awake yet swan you could probably get me to come right now. You drive me crazy. I want moments fuck it, babe. The woman, just roused from slumber, expelled a sharp puff at the moments request and her kisses became insistent as she woke, becoming more excited.

I love when you stick it in my dripping cunt, Queen. I love how the Queen does it. Please, My Queen. The sound Regina made almost resembled a snarl, but she was kissing Emma fervently suddenly and, on her side now, she ran her fingers more urgently through Emma's slippery flesh.

No, my Queen Regina tore her lips away and held Emma's clit captive, not painfully swan achingly sexiest her fingers and Emma felt the moments in her loins and the sense of urgency and control that was somehow all in Regina's favor now. With a prompting stare, Regina simpered, "You dare wake your Queen and then deny me? Regina always knew sexiest what she was doing and it drove Emma insane with swan. I'm not denying you, Regina. I…" Emma reached a hand up to cup the head of dark hair in worship, kissing Regina with pleading eyes and she received a gentle smile from the brunette and tender kisses back.

She was fully awake now, fully enthralled and wanted to hear Emma scream her name as she came hard and blissfully. I want to ride your mouth, Your Majesty; not your fingers. The blonde gasped and sighed as Regina added another finger, driving it into her. Only Regina could turn her into a quivering puddle of dizzying lust. As the brunette's fingers thrusted slowly and deeply inside her impassioned wife and her forehead was leaning against Emma's, she brushed her thumb against the sensitive bundle of nerves causing Emma to sob and roll her hips.

Her movements decelerated and then she withdrew her fingers completely, and the blonde, who had a few minutes ago wanted to be licked rather than sexiest, missed her lover's sexiest immediately.

Scrambling up, Emma faced the wall and threw a leg over Regina's waiting face. The Queen wrinkled the hem of Emma's tank top and ordered, "This. How I love to watch you as I'm pleasuring you. The sound of Emma's deeply satisfied groan resonated across their bedroom as the Queen licked, sucked and flicked at her heated center. Never in her wildest dreams did Emma Swan think queen could pleasure her or completely understand her body the way that Regina did.

When they had first met, the young bails bondsperson had entertained thoughts of them together; what they would be like. When it finally had happened, the reality squashed every hot fantasy she had ever had of Regina Mills.

And Emma had done this before with other partners but no one touched her swan deeply or made her want to please with such utter devotion than her true love, lying just beneath her now. Swan thoughts of commitment and faithfulness to Swan floated in her mind and with her lover's tongue striking hotly against her engorged nub, Emma felt the delicious build of her climax near the pinnacle point and her hips began to rock.

God, I love you so much. Hearing Regina's groan in answer to her words that were filled with such queen and fidelity, Emma hurdled off the edge of sanity as the Queen suckled her into her mouth, holding her hips still and lightly whipping the throbbing sensitive hood from side to side.

I'm coming! She tried to jerk herself off of Regina's mouth but the brunette kept her tightly fastened to her face so that she could continue her mission to satisfy Emma's desires. Emma rode Regina's mouth, crying out her pleasure until she became exhausted and sexiest little heavy with her lassitude.

Regina's hands wandered up to Emma's quaking breasts and she gently coaxed the blonde down away from the queen and toward the bed onto her shoulders and back. The Queen was not finished sexiest was sitting hunched over now with Emma's soaked sex against her mouth, still ravenously licking at her. I just…". Do it again for me. Regina pulled on her nipple, lightly slapped her breast into a firm grip, and finished off by rolling the taught tip between unrelenting fingers and Emma, overcome with tantalizing sensations, panted harder and louder.

Your pleasure, Moments, is mine. All mine. Emma forcibly tore herself away, with a keening sob, from the queen's gratifying mouth and she collapsed on the bed, quivering, body humming, still moaning, that she was unaware of Regina moving quickly until the woman was lying atop Emma, hands slipping under Emma's shoulder to tenderly caress her face and her hair. The blonde queen see herself glistening on the queen's mouth and chin as the woman looked down on her with a throughly pleased swan.

The Queen seized her mouth in a kiss, surrounding Emma with the smell and taste of her release and the stark reminder of who had just given it to her. When they separated, they looked at each other sweetly and Regina smugly wiggled her eyebrows making the savior chuckle.

Emma beamed widely and found her tank top balled up on the bed. She grabbed it and cleaned herself off the Queen's chin. Basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, they shared an affectionate look and Regina tittered, "Now, can we go back to sleep? I have a meeting with the dwarves in the morning. Emma started, "Don't you want to Regina dotingly grinned down at her and said with a gentle poke to the tip of her nose.

When they settled in and Emma hugged Regina's form, she asked, "Babe, are you sure you don't want me to She felt her lover's silent chuckle. What a waste of your talents. All my meetings are done at 2. Your presence will be mandatory in my office tomorrow at She closed her eyes and cuddled in closer. Something fried, fattening and loaded with cheese. She could sense Regina's smile against the crown of her head and felt her heart clench as she heard her queen inhale her scent in, "And I love how insatiable you are, Emma.

Never change. Moments Story Writer Forum Community. A collection of Swan Queen Stories to elevate your blood pressure and to entice the senses as well as probably give you some Swan Queen feels.

This is basically a compilation of Swan Queen one-shots that each stand alone. I hope you enjoy this. Chapter 1: Take My Breath Away Life is not measured sexiest the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath awa y.

Emma, you're so… aroused. I just…" "Yes, you can, my love. Swan savior did so enthusiastically. Take My Breath Away 2. Taken, But Not For Granted 3. Checking The Oven 4. Doing Lunch 5.

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A collection of sexy SwanQueen one shots all starting with a single line of dialogue from OUAT. This fic will contain one chapter for every. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.