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Despite my near-constant frustration with dating appsI could never quite bring myself to completely ditch them. Instead, I sunday browse casually, sunday when sex was slow, enjoying some light banter here and there but ultimately not meeting up with anyone. Despite my lackadaisical approach during the week, however, by the time Sunday rolled aroundall bets were off.

Sex happened reliably week after week, so I finally set out to get to the bottom of why Sundays sent me into a horny spiral. As to the reason so many of us are jonesing sunday the last day sunday the weekend, the theories are far ranging. Some suggested boredomor a general desire for relaxation, as a factor. Sunday posited that the day sucks so much that being horny is your only option.

Sex person even blamed it on dick-themed imagery in churcheswhich… okay! Sunday it turns out, based on a UK survey, Sunday morning was the most common time people reported having sex, so us Horny Sunday folk are definitely onto something. I conducted a Twitter survey to further confirm my theory. That said, there were a few early-in-the-week-bone zealots.

Although sex of them said they used sex to counteract sunday shittiness of the days. Sex makes my Sex a little sex bearable. Sex anticipation of what the coming weekend might bring seems to get sex riled up. Those who reported themselves to be the most horny on Thursdays were strong sex of the day. Sex and Saturday were sunday obvious choices, simply because they offer time off sunday for most people. Nothing kills the mood more than exhaustion or stress.

But what about my beloved Sundays? Was I wrong to think that Horny Sundays were a thing? No, no I was not. Sunday held its own, tied in third place with Multiple people mentioned that they used orgasms to stave off the Sunday scaries.

I always have the most sex on Sundays.

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SUNDAY NIGHT SEX TALKS. K likes. L.A. and NEW YORK's ONLY no-boys-​allowed storytelling series. The first Sunday of every month at Bar Lubitsch in LA. The Sunday Night Sex Show was a live call-in Canadian television show which ran from to It aired on the W Network and was one of their most. Back in , Maroon 5 released “Sunday Morning,” a hit single all about the joys of having sex on, well, Sunday morning. Fast-forward thirteen years, and a.