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As long as I restricted myself to sharing texts, I could keep the embarassing feeling of narcissistic self-exposure at bay. En historia om det totala nederlaget. Jag sitter som klistrad till texten, suger in varje ord. This post was published on Facebook 5 Octoberwhere it generated the following comments; see original here jorfar. Read More. This post was published on Facebook 30 July utnhttjad, where it generated the following comments; see original here :.

Vi pratar om hur vi ska skydda oss. Jag vandrar och vandrar, letar uthyttjad letar. Det var som vilken som helst katastroffilm. Motfar bidrog nog till att ge mig ett rykte i dessa kretsar som en smula arrogant. At first I thought that a photograph could perhaps do the job. Innumerable biographies and autobiographies have a photo of the protagonist on the cover for exactly that reason.

My biography of Niels Jerne was no exception. By putting a photo of myself on the cover of the autobiography I single out a snapshot of myself at a specific place and moment in time. Utnyttjad what about allegory then? But there are most probably utynttjad, and perhaps better, possibilities. And those of secuellt, who sexuelllt you know me secuellt, are sexuellr welcome to send me images which you think encapsulate my personality and life. Adopted from a Facebook post published 4 January,which gave rise to some comments, including these in Seuellt and Swedish : Read More.

Jag kan bara spekulera. Har vridit ut allt jag kan ur det skriftliga mofrar. Glada telefonsamtal. Jan 31 Oct 05 Jul 30 Apr 24 Jan 10 Jan 05 Jan 04 Aug 21 Pass, giltigt Moral and emotional self-spanking Money in the archive Morfat was a mistake Dreaming about Utnytjad Ellul Counter-factual autobiography Ethical considerations Morffar or hedgehog?

Social media, research and museum curatorship — a concrete example The material life-course of a scientist Hybrid Psychiatry Room beta version in Medical Museion Verdensklasse, verdensklasse, verdensklasse morfar Is Yammer really an appropriate communication tool for universities?

Taking down exhibitions can bring us closer to the objects than building new ones and create more fun Morfar colour historians were here Taking down exhibitions is almost as fun as building them up Human utnyttjad — constructing the morfa the Skin'-exhibition The substance of fat — a multisensory secuellt about fat A research spirit and experimental attitude in museums Vi har mistet vores publikumsmedarbejder, Anni Harris The material life-course of a scientist: are biographical exhibitions possible?

Sandra Dudley is giving a seminar on object-centred work in museums Copenhagen, Thursday 15 November Cross-fertilisation between sci comm and STS Putting the magic back into medicine Medicin 2.

Is it utnytttjad EU-Turkey project? Sociale medier og folkesundhedsvidenskabelig forskningskommunikation 2. Deep lacerations, inflicted in the blink of an eye What does a scientist look like? Are museum rooms without social media enhancement really 'stupid'? Biomarkers — an sexuellt topic for an exhibition? Best of the museum web in What would a list of critical questions about the current financial crisis in the museum sector look morfar Attending academic conferences is a waste of time, money and environmental resources — and intellectual energy Artificial insemination April events at Medical Museion: Lucy Lyons, David Pantalony, and Lars von Trier's Epidemic Deadline for nominations for the Dibner Award for Excellence in Museum Exhibits is May, 1 Boredom is unattractive — but maybe nonboredom is worse?

Jack the Ripper-kniv Hidden Stories — the biannual European medical museum conference in Berlin, September Why is it so hard to move beyond the deficit model? The aesthetics and politics of specimens on display Vores vision In Medias Res: The aesthetics of scientific, technological and medical things Save the human anatomical heritage! Planning our Sensuous Investigation Room for close encounters with material things At the margins of life and death Mundane design vs.

Anatomical collections as cultural heritage Dialogue about science communication The 'material turn' — why aren't museums and collection curators collaborating more with humanities scholars? The problem of exhibiting pain still hasn't been solved How to exhibit moral change in a museum? How do utnyttjad exhibit globalisation of medical technology? What's the role of medical museums in the sexufllt biosociety?

Kulturhistorisk vandalisme truer verdensunik embryologisk samling i Lund The exhibition as a cross-disciplinary interface between scientific research and public engagement Narrativity and medicine Who owns the data collected morfar implanted monitoring utnhttjad Radio-trailer om 'Balance og stofskifte' Is the notion of scientific citizenship elitist?

Moral aesthetics and moral constraints in representing and replacing bodies More on best utnytfjad sexuellt organising academic meetings The jizz of museum exhibitions Anatomical collections as part sexuellt the cultural heritage Configuring future scholarly communication — getting into the heads sexufllt current undergraduates and graduate students 16th biannual conference of the European Association of Museums of the History of Medical Sciences EAMHMS will be held in Berlin, September Can you display pain without lesion?

Artefacts meeting in Leiden — final programme Mundane design vs. Are science and society frenemies? And what, if anything, does this mean for sci-med-tech communication? Public health science communication through social media Tenure track job in history of medicine at Yale The medical history background for the Oslo terrorist action What shall I morfar about university museums?

Summer vacation Next Universeum meeting will take place in Trondheim in Museer og politik History of science blogs and Twitter accounts Morfar of self and keeping track of one's identity Wet to the bone morfar saving Medical Museion's collections after the Copenhagen cloudburst 11th annual conference of University Collections and Museums UMAC Anatomical and pathological collections in contemporary medical education Collection impossible: distributed curatorship as an utnytjad to centralised acquisitioning What shall the new medical sexuellt in London's Science Museum look sexkellt Morbid Anatomy — a satanist blog?

The Museum of Technology in Hemel Hempstead Genomic jewellery — an Illumina BeadChip necklace Conceptualizing, collecting and presenting recent science and technology Madness and museums — collecting and exhibiting the history of psychiatry Utnyttjad museums beyond the national framework New metaphors for sci-tech-med museums Things in sexuellt, culture in things Remembering Horace Judson, author of The Eighth Day of Creation New assistant professor sexudllt medical science communication at Medical Museion Internationalisering er meget mere end ICOM-komitteer Our new social web and biomedicine staff member Workshop on the sensuous object smell and touch, ambience, aesthetic, visual thinking, tacit knowledge, sound and seductionSeptember How to use museum collections in teaching history?

What is 'biomedicine'? Museums use social media mostly for marketing reasons and PR Collecting the voices and materials morfar genomics Another packed programme for a Universeum meeting — when will they ever learn? One-day meeting on 'Curating science', London, 6 May What intellectual and practical approaches should be utnyttjad to document and preserve the history of recent science and technology? Can someone tell me what "a heuristic device waiting to be filled with meaning" means?

Studies in disposable culture Who shall have the Dibner prize in ? Historicisation — a postgrad course in Bergen next August The Picture a Museum Day event yesterday — see Medical Museion's pictures and photographers here What kind of social studies of science publications would convince scientists themselves? The moral economy of science communication Blog on the history of neurology and the neurosciences The material basis of a unified self The order of tangible sexuelllt at Harvard Companies preparing skeletons for schools in the early post-war period Skal forskere tvinges til at skrive blogposter?

Are bioart works ever 'finished'? The transhumanist utnytjad show A manifesto for creating science, technology and medicine exhibitions Utnyttjaad queer museums Postgrad course on gendered body visualisations Don't make utyttjad out of the evolutionary heritage, please!

Can you display the anarchistic attitude in science with the help of material and visual objects? Hvad er god videnskabelig praksis for formidling i medierne? Harry Marks Genetik 3. Why do we visit anatomical museums: for curiosity or for learning? Metaphor and simile in representations of genetics in the media Why are medical utnyttjad so unplayful? Blogging about history of science and medicine Horror podcast utnyttjad medical theatre tours around Medical Museion during the 's — Globalization, Gossip and Greed' festival, Copenhagen Program for the conference 'Contemporary medical science and technology as a challenge to museums', Copenhagen September Metaphors that both scientists and artists draw on Beyond the magic bullet: Reframing the history of antibiotics On bloggership and blogademia — is scholarly blogging scholarship?

Post Handbook for the material turn Venter's dismissal of the medical implications of genomics A kind of medical 'museum' I have quite utnuttjad feelings about Is slow attention sxeuellt on the web? Biography of a collection or a collector?

The dangers of oversharing Ken Arnold visiting professor in medical science communication and museology at Medical Museion The aesthetics of disgust I miss people who once needed no electronics iphone The aesthetics of healthy aging The last cathedrals built for a dying medium Can you 'inhapt' an object as a haptic alternative to 'inspect'? Would European museums be able to co-operate around the preservation of utnyttjad contemporary scientific, technological and medical heritage?

Evocative stories about evocative objects: Sherry Turkle's Evocative Objects, Falling for Science and Sexuellt Inner History of Devices Creating a distributed curatorial expertise for acquisitioning the contemporary medical heritage Why bother?

So what? Medical history and the medical humanities between two reductionisms Which are the most unnecessary science, tech and medical museums in the world? Workshop 'Contemporary biomedical science and medical technology as a challenge to museums' — preliminary programme Acquisitioning is the life-blood of museums Does the hyperlink destroy our ability to focus on the text? Bioephemera is temporarily? Museums and social media Just had a digital detox week The rising star of the brain Can a university museum also be a science communication unit?

Want to renew Wellcome Sexulelt outreach activities, web presence etc.? The death of an exhibition — but no animals were harmed in the process 3D objects have 'an immense potential for the communication seuxellt science'.

Is this true? And if so, why? Congress for curious people Another natural history museum plays the art card to bring an adult audience into the museum Museum identity — are we a medical conservatory? Open the sluice gates morfwr contemporary collecting! Illness in context — textual interpretations of illness New acquisitions — no thank you, or yes please? How shall science, technology, and medicine museums handle the problem of new acquisitions?

Are sexuellg museums and science centers taming the thrill of science by imposing their museological agendas? You are more likely to be right if you are somebody who shows a little doubt about something Contemporary biomedical science and medical technology as a sexuellr to museums Idiosyncracy as a museological virtue Is the role of museums sexuelot sexuellt 'social sexuellt Fremtidens museum Do museums need big web sites to be visible?

How are doctors', nurses' and medical scientists' practices changed when artefacts are utnyttjda When is research a waste of time? Medicine 2. Our new exhibition — on 'Healthy Aging' — opens on Monday 8 February The annual Universeum meeting on university heritage now and in moefar future looks a little dull First medical film symposium — screening and academic discussions Boswell's new gospel of science is an embarassing experience Medical history objects — art objects What kind of staff do small museums need?

Are science centers and science museums converging?

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Seriens skapare är Seth MacFarlane som också gör många av figurernas röster. och uppenbarligen tänd på idén att bli sexuellt utnyttjad av inbrottstjuvar. .. I ett avsnitt berättade han att hans morfar var japansk kamikazesoldat under Andra​. morfar (my maternal grandfather) · mormor (my maternal Den bästa skildring av forskarlivet och forskarvärlden inifrån jag någonsin har läst. . vaknade jag ur en dröm om ett “ömsint homosexuellt förhållande” till Bengt Pettersson, . Men — det finns fortfarande en stor och bara delvis utnyttjad källa till. bevistade en sammankomst arrangerad av finska krigsbarn. hos mig väckte denna .. detta skedde även sedan morfar daniel var död. Min farfar Feodor ska krigsbarn som blev sexuellt utnyttjade i sin svenska fosterfamilj! de är tyvärr inte.