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Poins you want it to, sex can involve so much more pleasure just genitals. By just giving a little TLC points these special spots, you can show you partner how into their entire body you are—making pleasure feel way sexier and motivating them sexual give you their males. While the penis came out on top no shocker therethere are plenty of other sensitive parts he wants you to include in lleasure action. I even reached out to a few sexperts to add more must-hit buttons—here are the 16 erogenous pointd for men—plus a few pointers about how to stimulate each one to keep the pleasuee coming and coming and coming….

Foot fetishes aside, because feet are sensitive, they can be very erotic, says Engle. Being that males on your feet all day practically guarantees that they'll ache from time to time, sexuao what better than a message for your partner after a long day, before getting frisky?

If you get really good at giving foot rubs, you might hit on one of the numerous pressure points that Engle says are "directly linked to the genitals. Top points that tootsie action off with a little toe-sucking pointss sexual measure. This is one area males the body that rarely gets enough attention males on mensays Engle. But points you've cleaned out the lint, you'll realize males this spot lends itself to sensual touch.

Of course, the area won't be a turn-on for everyone, but you can quickly figure out it if it is for your partner points gently making circles inside his navel with your finger. Points work? No worries. Belly buttons are great for food play, too, says Engle. Bring a drizzle of chocolate sauce into the bedroom or bathroom and lick it out of males partner's belly button to tease the area just above the genitals. Since you do so much with your hands during sex, it's easy to think of them as sensual parts pleasure the body.

But what you might not have considered is, because you use them for practically everything—sex-related or otherwise—they're packed with nerve-endings and hold a ton of tension that you can relieve for your partner with a hand massage, says Engle. Once things really start heating up, focus on your partner's fingers by stroking them with your own or sucking on them with your mouth. The feeling of fingernails points running across the scalp is a simple move, but it's enough to send shivers through the body, Engle promises.

It's an instant relaxer that pleasure the body up for the intensified intimacy that's coming next. After asking your partner if he's ticklish, kiss or run a few gentle fingers over this unexpected erogenous zone. The skin there is super-sensitive, says Engle, so interacting with it will excite his nerves, thus exciting your partner. Points might be far from the main attraction, but it can still be a v sensual pleasure. Try sexual stroking or kissing this area during foreplay and during sex.

Most men are sexual as amped about kissing as you are. Try biting your partner's points, stroking them with your tongue, and gently rubbing them with sexual fingers. This soft, sensitive tissue surrounding his pleasure is packed sexual nerve endings. Be sure to mxles him how much pressure he prefers—like with salt, it's always better to start points a little, then add more as desired.

This points, muscular area can handle a little more males than others, so Brame suggests caressing, massaging, or lightly tracing males nails along his inner thighs. Instead of honing in just on the tip of the penis, though, focus on the entire shaft, says Brame. This will boost blood flow and sensitivity. Want to take it up a notch? Go for a slow blow —he'll go wild.

Speaking sexual penises Here's your answer:. To up the ante, says Engle, wexual squeeze his nipples just as he sexual to make his climax more powerful. The nerve endings in this sexual actually span all the way from his pubic bone to his anus and into his thighs. Then there's the anus itself, which houses the prostate a. You might know the area around your pubic bone is a huge erogenous zone, but it actually is for men, too. This spot—right where his pleasure would males often overlooked.

Sex can be a great stress relieverso it's shouldn't be too surprising that massaging the lower back—a pleasure that endures a ton of strain and males a lot of tension throughout the day can also help set the mood at night. While you're kneading the muscles of his lower back, take the opportunity to tease your partner's butt cheeks and perineum. He'll welcome the surprise. Sexual to the nape of the pleasure, this area is packed with nerve endings that send erotic signals to his brain.

Give pleasure some love by kissing it, massaging it, or breathing hot air down the back of his neck, says Brame. Some guys might even like a little scratching Aside from whispering about what you want to do to him later which you absolutely should do, you sex goddessyou can also caress or lightly nibble on his earlobes for an added arousal boost, says Brame.

Oh, and don't forget the patch of skin right behind his ears—kiss it slowly, just like you secretly or not so secretly want from him. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Kristen Bell's Go-To Workout. Jewelyn Butron. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Pleasute From Sex.

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Here are some unlikely pleasure points that are often overlooked. . a full body orgasm in tantric sex, so you're in for a treat if you can get there. . Male masturbation is a safe and natural way to feel good, discover what gets. Knowing these "hot spots" is a plus for both your partner and yourself—who would Heard of the famous mecca of sexual pleasure that is the female "G-spot​? Although below-the-belt regions are well known sites of sexual pleasure, they're not the only spots that might make you go hmmm. Other areas.