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Sign In. Jailbait Video. Hide Spoilers. Jailbait: The harrowing true story of how beautiful Thai model Sara Malakui Lane became contractually obligated to make movies for The Asylum production company. You know The Asylum, they are the people who make those straight-to-DVD movies that sound like other blockbuster movies, e. Well here is another one, and it is dreadful but you are still going to watch it for the same reason I did, because Sara Malakui Lane is fine as hell and she takes her shirt off more times than Matthew McConaughey on a hot day in Austin.

There simply is no other reason to watch this movie folks, unless you enjoy spending an hour and a half watching a movie so bad it looks netflix their entire technical crew was picked up daily from the parking lot of a Home Depot, and half the cast to boot. Was this review movies Sign in to vote. RockstarInvestments 31 December This is a story about a nice set of breasts.

Really nice. In the background is a bunch of noise about a prison or something. I'm not too sure through. The rack is nice. They are augmented but top shelf none the less. Sadly they are not motor boated sexplotation anyway here. Why not work that in guys? The warden is hysterical. I cried laughing every time he came on screen. Loved him. Good luck. I am not sure this movie was meant to be funny but it certainly was amusing. Here netflix what it had going for it.

The dialogue was horrible and the violence was more cartoonish then troubling or excessive. The acting was marginal, I'd really give this a lower score but let's face it-Anna is a knockout so I shouldn't be too hard on this movie. The funniest thing of all, when you watch the scene where she gets her letter from the parole board you will find that these incredible cheap movie makers only typed the first couple sentences and the rest of the letter pause the movie if you do not believe me it is HILARIOUSis actually a sexplotation from another movie or a script or story.

It talks about an elevator clanking to a ominous halt and Jane gripping the rails and praying I mean talk about wristwatches in Spartacus, why would you do netflix so stupid in a movie. Did it cost to netflix to use a blank paper when they typed the Parole Board paragraph? While "Jailbait" tries to accomplish a lot of things with its fairly stereotypical and way too unrealistic storyline, then director Jared Cohn fails to make a lasting impact with this movie. The story in "Jailbait" is about Anna movies by Sara Malakul Lane who is sexually molested by her step dad and accidentally kills him.

Going to a juvenile rehabilitation center, Anna ends up learning how life inside the prison walls can be with all its hardships, alliances and abuse.

From an entertaining point of view then "Jailbait" was actually a good enough movie to watch because it wasn't boring and it kept on a brisk pace. However, if you put on a set of realism goggles, then everything in this movie just falls to the ground fast and shatters into a million pieces. Nothing about the things happening inside the juvenile rehabilitation facility is really realistic, and things are portrayed fleetingly and just allows the audience a brief look at the surface of sexplotation.

What kept the movie afloat the pace of the storyline and the fairly good acting performances put on by just about everyone in the movie. But all in all then "Jailbait" is sexplotation enough entertainment and scores a solid 5 out of 10 stars from me.

A film so exceptionally asinine as to have no redeeming attributes at all. This is a story whose main characters are the lead actress's breasts with implants, which appear in most scenes. Rabid prison girls in heat The plot is insulting, the script a joke, the character motivations implausible, and no scene does not insult the viewer.

It's quite difficult to imagine any viewer finishing this nonsensical effort. This is soft-core porn, but even most such films of that genre have something to redeem them. Nothing redeems "Jailbait. I lost interest in like first 10minutes. Basically this is a netflix about a molested girl who kills her stepfather by accident. Of course he is a movies. So the girl is brought movies juvenile jail. We are supposed to believe she is a girl of 16 or She looks nothing like that.

The girl doesn't look like a teenager at all. At this point forward all you will watch are naked girl or girls and beating. Some random jail gangs molest her,then warden the again gangs and warden. And then some more of it,till end. There is nothing interesting in this movie. Avoid it at all costs. If you are triggered by sexual abuse, incest, drug use, mental illness, then do not watch this movie. I'm not impressed that sexual assault seems to be the driving force behind this film.

It was extremely graphic, and at some points, highly unnecessary. The storyline was all over the place, and so was Anna's character - one minute she's shy and reclusive, the next she's addicted to crack and attacking guards, and one day she's having sex with her roommate and the next she's banging the gang leader? The continuity was pretty poor. This movie was clearly low-budget and I don't even know why I wasted movies hour of my life that I'm never going to get back.

I only went into this movie knowing that it was an Asylum film. I've seen plenty of their bad mockbusters before, and out of curiosity I had to watch this one. And, it was one of the worst movies I've honestly ever seen. It can hardly even be called a movie, but more netflix that later. The premise of this movie makes no sense. So, a young woman or teenage girl her age isn't exactly sexplotation clear, but the actress playing her is in her 30's accidentally kills her stepfather, who was trying to rape her, while she was defending herself.

Okay, I know we're supposed to check reality at the door when watching a film, but there's a line. This premise makes no sense, netflix I said earlier. No court in sexplotation western world would lock up a woman that accidentally killed her attacker while defending herself, especially not in the US where "stand your ground" laws netflix all over the place.

It isn't at all believable in the the slightest. Some people call this film softcore pornography, but it really isn't that. Honestly, softcore pornography can be fun to watch, because even in softcore pornography films there is a decent plot usually. This has none of that. There's a lot of skin in it, sure, but even movies sex in the movie is incredibly awkward. It really doesn't matter, though, because it's stupid.

If anything the idea this is all supposed to be happening to a teenager is even worse. Plus, there are the movies holes. In the scene where her stepdad dies he clearly falls on something and slits his throat open, yet later in the movie another inmate claims she knows why she was there and that she pushed her stepdad out of a window, even though that's clearly not what happened.

There's another problem, though: none of the characters sexplotation the movie are consistent, especially the main character. I simply don't get it. I guess I'm not supposed to, though. The gang leader she has sex with also makes no sense.

Both of their personalities are all over the place. The only consistent character is the roommate of the main character, but she's hardly in it.

If anything, she should have been the main character. A story about a quiet, withdrawn teenage girl that was locked in a youth prison who struggles with prison would have made a better story, especially without the nudity.

You know, a film that focuses on a plot instead of cheap nudity to get attention. That would take effort on the part of the Asylum, though, which they won't do. That's neither here nor there, though, because that's not what the film is. I sexplotation judge this movie for what movies wasn't. Instead I'll judge it for what it is: A steaming pile of crap.

Don't watch this movie! Asylum have made bad movies before, but this is bad, and it is wrong. This movie is poorly acted, and very poorly filmed, and anything that you think of as a story is so completely stupid, and childish.

There has never been a prison that once you were granted immediate release from; you just take sexplotation time packing your your what? Just one of the multitude of mashed up crap they movies to netflix you.

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