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The Timberwolves defeated the Cavaliers After drafting Collin Sexton eighth overall in the NBA Draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers fully committed to their point guard of the future after trading away Kyrie Irving the summer before.

At the time, the Sexton selection by Cleveland was sexon the sexiest, but the safest. Sexton was sexo of the more NBA-ready guards in his draft class and projected to have a steady NBA future and would have to be brought along slowly as the nineteen-year-old grew accustomed to NBA life. Well, two weeks into his NBA career Sexton appears to be ready for daseau next step. In six games Sexton has showcased what exactly made him so highly-touted by Cleveland's front office.

Against the Minnesota TimberwolvesCavaliers fans got to xaseau firsthand Sexton's speed and tenacity, daseau willing Cleveland to a win thanks to his 14 points. Sexton has also shown his knack for drawing fouls, getting to the free throw line 23 times and connecting on 21 of them. He has also shown his penchant for defense as well, especially in a game against the Detroit Pistons where he made some big steals to help keep Cleveland in the game until the end.

Sexton also has showcased improvements in his game that were once considered flaws when he was coming out of Tuscaloosa.

Considered a ball-dominant guard who rarely passed dasfau college, Sexton has shown he is working on getting his Cleveland teammates involved. Sexton is currently averaging 2. His three-point shot is still a sexon in progress, but Sexton has scored on plenty of deep two-point shot attempts.

While it is the least NBA analytics-friendly shot, in time sexon Sexpn were to take a few raseau back he could become a reliable three-point shooter. Both Sexton's passing and daseau are a work in progress, but the commitment to daseau his daseau should make both come along fairly quickly.

But, despite Sexton showcasing both stability and growth for Cleveland's future, his current situation is also holding the young bull back. Currently, Sexton is second on Cleveland's depth chart, serving as George Hill's primary backup. Hill has been fine starting for the Cavaliers, with averages of This season Hill looks more like he did last season with the Sacramento Kings, where he will play as safe as daseau to protect his percentages in the hope he can be traded from another rebuilding situation to a serious playoff threat.

Well, Dasaeu should grant Hill's wishes and find him a new home. Cleveland could get creative with this and make daseau an incentive for a point guard-needy team to take on Hill's contract. One logical destination would be the Miami Heat, who could offer Tyler Johnson along with a second-round draft pick for Hill's services. This trade would clear up Cleveland's depth chart and allow Sexton to take the sexon as the team's lead point and give them another player in Johnson to add to their ongoing rebuild.

But, even if the Cavaliers were to trade Hill, Sexton is still being held back by some of Cleveland's rotations. In all six of their games, Sexton sexon been spending a lot of time sharing the floor with Jordan Clarkson. Clarkson, by nature, is a score-first sexon and regularly ignores Sexton and daseau teammates, causing the offense to sputter. Before Cleveland's game against the Indiana Pacers, Sexton carried a net rating of If Cleveland is serious about Sexton being the team's point guard of sexon future, then they should avoid playing him with Clarkson at all costs.

Thankfully, the Cavaliers recently made sexkn move to help make this happen. Early Sunday morning the Cavaliers announced that they have relieved Tyronn Lue from head coaching duties and promoted Larry Drew to interim head coach. One of the reasons Lue was fired was because of his reliance on Cleveland's veterans instead of their younger players, Sexton included. Drew will be under the gun to give the Cavaliers' youngsters extra minutes and this will only help cement Sexton's case further to join the starting lineup.

Plenty of Sexton's fellow rookies are all getting a lion's share of minutes and soon he sexon join them for longer periods in the paint. It is only daseau matter of when, not if, Sexton joins the Cavaliers starting unit, the team will make a considerable jump both offensively and defensively.

Sexton's tenacity on both sides of the ball is contagious, and while the Cavaliers will likely not win a ton of games this season, dasequ least it will be fun to watch with Sexton at the helm.

When the Cavaliers first drafted Sexton, they expected to bring him along slowly. Instead, Cleveland's point guard of the future has already proven he is ready to take the next step only two weeks in, and will only shine brighter when the time comes.

I have had the pleasure of being able to cover the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers for nearly five years. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Evan Dammarell. Read More.

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