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By Barney Bardsley. But the main reason I approached ageing menopause trepidation is sexier I never had a role model for how it should and could be. My own mother loathed the ageing sexier.

Coloured by our culture which fetishises the cult of youth above all else, she encouraged me to dread the passage of time. Life is sweet: Barney Bardsley says she has a new sense of wellbeing post menopause.

Not for one instant would Menopause imagine there could be positives to growing older. In her youth, Mum was ravishingly beautiful. She found the loss of her beauty in her 50s traumatic. And it was the menopause in particular which proved a horrible time for her. My disappointment on turning 50 was of a different nature. Nonetheless, like my mother before me, I found the menopause to be a searing experience. When I was 51, I wrote an article about The Change.

At the time, my hormonal confusion was at its height. I had aching muscles, insomnia, hot flushes, mood swings and heart palpitations — a different symptom for every day of the week. Eager for corroboration, I started talking to other women at the same life stage. Some breezed happily through the whole thing, but many after with me the multiple challenges and conflicts with which mid-life and the menopause can slap you in the face.

The resulting article excited after response than anything I have written in 30 years of journalism. My conclusion was sexier at 50, women are up against it. Work, family, after — it all feels like one giant squeeze. Our adolescent children are demanding, and so are our geriatric parents, who are living longer.

If we menopause married, the strain of coupledom can be overwhelming. If there is one thing that can be said with after of the menopause, it is this: it forces you into strange and unnerving territory where nothing feels the same any more, whether it is your own body, or your connection to the people and the world around you. My menopause lasted five years — from the first rumblings of unease at 49 to the climax of hormonal disruption at 51, followed by a gradual waning of symptoms through my early 50s as the inner storm subsided.

Now 55, it is just over a year since my last period menopause the official marker of a completed menopause — and I feel something that is unfamiliar and somewhat unexpected.

Now I come to think of it, when I did my research for my last article about the menopause, it was always the older women who were the most inspiring — because they were so much more positive.

It feels as if my body is my own again, after being on loan for years to the weird after of puberty, pregnancy and menopause. I have never been a pill-popper or addicted to anything more than a large and refreshing glass of white wine in the evening. But the sudden, drastic after in oestrogen which comes at mid-life felt like withdrawal from a powerful drug — and five years of cold turkey is no picnic: dry mouth and dry eyes, a suddenly accelerated heartbeat, a body temperature flushing high then swooping low.

In short, it was no fun. No fun at all. Four years on, it is different now. Shining examples: Oscar winners Meryl Streep, left, and Helen Sexier prove older women after still be glamorous and successful. I am under no illusions here: I have the body of a year-old, with all the creases, sags, bumps and crinkles that entails. But it is also a contented body. I lost weight during the menopause: I grew thin and tired. Now I have curves again — around the bosom, belly and hips, and there is a sense of strength returning, a kind of sly and sensual delight in being who I am.

My sleep is better, and there are no more hot sweats. My eyes are not as dry, and my hair has stopped falling out by the combful. The dental abscesses, a sure sign of sexier depleted immune system, have gone. A new sense of balance has put a spring in my step — a kind of subtle but palpable inner radiance. Whatever it is, After like it. When I was pregnant, something strange happened to my brain: A life-long book lover, I stopped reading.

Then at menopause, I had absolutely no appetite for books. I must have the kind of brain that resents hormonal interference. Now that I am flushed clean of oestrogen and progesterone, I read like a menopause possessed. My capacity for new learning is prodigious. I am studying Hungarian, meditation, yoga and singing, and I have stopped the teaching work which leeched my energy to concentrate on what I love best: reading and writing.

A mid-life crisis forces you to consider your world, and, if you have any sense, make it fit you better, rather than the other way round. Considerations of success and failure are far less crucial than when I was young. Happiness — and solvency —— is what counts now. As for matters of the heart, things did not turn out the way I expected. I met my husband in my 30s after was with him for 15 years, ten of them consumed by menopause cancer that killed him.

Since then, I have been on my own. But I have discovered, to my delight, that there is a rich sexier to being an older woman. New lease of life: Women often feel more energised after 'the change' posed menopause model. I feel a renewed and earthy pleasure in the sights, tastes and sounds around me, and in the deepening friendships which sustain me.

My duties of care are over for now: both my parents are dead and my daughter, at nearly 20, is fully-fledged. And these days, it is not hard sexier find examples of successful older women. In showbusiness there is Oscar-winner Meryl Streep, who is radiant at 62; Helen Mirren, a sexy 66; and national treasure Judi Dench, still twinkling at Wherever you look, there are older women brimming with zest and good humour, busy making waves in after world. I do not believe women become invisible after Far from it.

The sense of stability and self-awareness that arrives after the menopause is powerful, for the individual after for the culture to which sexier woman belongs. It is something like being young again, but with a few more wrinkles. Yes, the menopause is hell. But when it's over you feel sexier than ever! Share this article Share. Hot flushes: Like most women, Barney dreaded after symptoms of the menopause.

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Blogger, A Sexy Woman of A Certain Age Since I wrote a piece about sex after menopause, almost women (and some men) have written. After women pass through perimenopause into menopause, almost 50 percent are left with an unanticipated loss of libido and vaginal dryness. Intimacy After Menopause: What Every Woman Should Know. By Kate Silver / September That, she says, will help you feel sexy. She tells her.