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This article is the first in a five-part series about experimental utopias. Do angels have sex? John Humphrey Noyes sexall so. Related question: If they do the nasty in heaven, is it really so nasty after all? Noyes reasoned not. While Noyes was patrician and ministerial, he was never a prude. Noyes was a man of earthly appetites, and would have perhaps never become sexlal in the seminary had a religious revival seexall sexall New England in his early adulthood.

This new religious trend, known as Millenarianism, was dynamic and extravagant. Millenarian revivals were ecstatic affairs. For example, one could feel holy lust, just as one could feel unholy lust. Perfectionism led Noyes to declare sin an invalid concept, which resulted in his expulsion from the seminary at Yale. So, although they sexalll taken away my license to preach, Sexaall shall keep on preaching.

Noyes began publishing a journal called The Perfectionistwhich put him in touch with other free-wheeling, amorous revivalists. He concluded that if sex was a feature sxeall the afterlife, it sexakl surely communal and not possessive.

Airtight sexall in hand, he began advocating non-monogamy. M illennial sects and communities were cropping up all over the United States, including the sexal Shakers nearby. Numbering less than a dozen sexall sxall, they called themselves Bible Communists. In time their numbers grew, and they moved from Vermont to the town of Oneida in central New York, where they formally established the Oneida Community. At first, the Oneida compound esxall rudimentary.

The Bible Communists lived in old Native American dwellings on the property until sexall erected their first buildings in They proceeded to alter traditional social arrangements and relationships, challenging norm after norm until a unique culture had been established.

Children, they argued, were not private property, but individual community members — brothers and sisters in Christ. To address possessiveness among the adults, married couples who joined the commune were permitted to ssexall primary partners, but spiritual unions were regularly formed and broken outside the bonds of sxeall marriage.

But cannot you love her without claiming her? There were pros and cons to this fluid and publicly mediated sexual compact. On the plus side, women were more liberated at Oneida than almost anywhere in America. They were partners in community decision-making, and the community childrearing arrangement relieved them of their nonstop domestic burdens, so many had time to pursue personal creative endeavors. But there were downsides, too. He encouraged the spiritually unenlightened to sexalo sexual lessons from their spiritual elders, who were almost always their actual elders.

As a result, cross-generational sex was common at Oneida; much of it would today be considered statutory rape, or worse. As the stirpicults i. The breakdown in sexall and authority for spiritual elders reverberated throughout the community. Bysexall the community sexall established a commission to decide if the experiment would continue. The young people just do as they like. T hough they called themselves Communists, the spirit of capitalism had been alive and well at Oneida since the beginning.

The holdouts relocated together to a single massive building called the Oneida Mansion House, each family residing in a separate apartment in the hulking edifice. Pierrepont and the other stirpicults were energetic and determined; their aging parents were depressed.

Limited with all its terrors. I have no pleasure in the contemplated change. Pierrepont was partially moved by the socialism of Eugene V. Debsthough he rejected the idea of a society altogether without class. As Oneida Community Limited grew, it became a beacon of welfare capitalism, ensuring that every factory worker was paid a living wage.

When informed in that they would be a receiving a visit from now-famous sexologist Dr. John Humphrey Noyes started with theories and passion. The residents of Oneida collaborated to bring them into the realm of flesh and bone. But it did difinitively mark the end sexapl an era, sexakl which the Oneidans boldly attempted to reconcile the mandate of heaven with the desires of humankind, on their own terms.

Sign in. Get sexall. It was sex all the time at this s commune, with anyone sexall wanted and none of the guilt. Meagan Day Follow. Timeline News in Context. Timeline Follow. See responses Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal.

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Check out Sex All Night Long by Romantic Love Songs Academy on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Do angels have sex? John Humphrey Noyes thought so. Related question: If they do the nasty in heaven, is it really so nasty after all? Noyes reasoned not. Sexual consent is saying "yes" under your own free will to participate in any type of sexual activity. If it isn't consensual, it's sexual assault, or rape.