How To Play 3D Sex Villa 2

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Follow Us. Chat with us vila the GameDev Discord! Back sex For Beginners. Started by m0ng00se with 17 replieslast by Zahlman on January 03, PM. For Beginners. The user moves the villa, and erm, many other things. Either they were doing something incredibly clever inyou were sex about the release date or everything sex comes up with is about it's sequel; aptly named '3D Sex Villa 2'. Anyhow, typing the thing into any search engine just gives several hundred ages of torrent results.

Games sites don't have the villa date, or anything beyond its title for that matter. The best looking 3D game for I could find on my shelf was Wipeout. Maximum resolution was x, and it looked UGLY. Sfx Save. Hmmm my apologies. I have no idea where I srx the idea it was from. It's actually I just fired it up and checked which also reminded me yet again just how good the animation is and how clear the models are ssx they can run at almost full screen without jagged edges or skipped frames.

Yes it has multiple cameras that can be panned and it is interactive so it's not some sort of movie clip. It seems to me to be proper 3D animation of high polygon mesh models with high resolution textures but you guys would know more about it than me.

Anyway I may be ten years out filla the date I apologise again but I still want to know how it's done even more after seeing it again. I have no interest in designing the next Warcraft or V or Tank game or whatever but animating big 3D models in real life scenarios is my thing. Porn doesn't interest me but the technical aspects of the interface and how they did that animation does interest me greatly.

Whatever they're doing there with animation is exactly what I want to learn to do. Sex sfx doesn't vi,la so super-high polygon count. Thats one of the great things villx skin tones and such, is that the texture is really where the model comes to life. Animation is pretty easy, and seriously even high poly models were not hard to render way back when [you just ivlla render a whole lot of them]. Something like this is likely only a tiny handful of really big draw calls.

I rather doubt something like this would be all that hard for even hardware of that day [and even if it was run in software, it isn't doing any fancy, sec thus difficult, computation with what is being drawn]. Doesn't look pre-rendered, though. And here I thought you got your sex working, and were coming to show us all the fruits of your labor. A game called 3d sex villa. LOL, actually I have got my animation working and I have got a game at early beta but not to the standard I want and not with the interface Villa want which is why I'm asking sex questions.

Porn is aex at my age, I prefer real women so most of my vvilla has been on sdx chatterbot AI engine for my game not the animation. I've got a horny good looking chatterbot sprite that strips if you treat her right or abuses the hell out of you if you don't Plus she is a lot easier to get on with if you villa her drunk. I'm reasonably certain you can use. X and. OBJ files without any strings attached. Or, for that matter, virtually any other model format. Lots of games use all kinds of formats.

You might want sex ask someone who villa more legally savvy than myself, but these formats are widely published and available. In all seriousness, if the volla of the formats was illegal, Blender would have volla shut down long ago [and they've been around for years], along with many other profitable games that use these various model formats.

Pretty sure they are freely usable. Quote: Original post by viloa Now is somebody going to tell me how to get started on switching my game to 3D instead of 2D please so I can put 3D sex villa out of business with a much superior game?

Well, starting out in 3D means you first need to setup an 3D environment. You need presumably an environment Inside of a cube would suffice to start with with 3D xex in it.

I'd say, start out with a 3D camera which you can rotate, and then start loading 3D models which you can place in front of the camera. Once you got basic 3D rendering, you can add in stuff like clothing on the models, animation Including animations of the clothing and model esx ie, eye colors, hair color, body sizes, etc.

MakeHuman - As far as I know, models exported from this are free to use however you want. Then it's villa a matter of implimenting skeletal sdx or finding a sdx library thereof. Its a decent site, but way overpriced for what it is. The models are decent, but nothing spectacular. Looks like any other 3d game to me.

In terms of animation they are just using standard sex techniques aka bones and playing back a series of animations in real-time. You would have to actually animate the character in a package like 3dmax or maya and then export it to whatever 3d engine you might be using. High-res meshes are not the biggest problem anymore. Especially if there are only 2 or 3 characters on screen at once. If you want to take about high-poly animation, check the nvidia adrianne curry demo:.

Quote: Original post by m0ng00se Villa I can see you all know what I'm talking about so I have a few questions for you experts I am a total newbie just learning this stuff.

If pre-rendering gives you that clarity and speed then why aren't all games pre-rendered? If filming things allows for telling a compelling story and directing the viewer's attention to specific things instantly, why don't we watch a videotape of reality instead of going out and experiencing it?

Same reasons: villa not enough storage space; b only one viewpoint. Weird artefact when rendering with D3D Windows memory mapped file twice as slow as fread when cached. How to sell my game prototype to a potential publisher? Reticulating cilla. About GameDev. Back to Top.

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