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Sex was small and slight in person; pale, sandy-haired, and with eyes habitually cast down: when they looked up they were very large, odd, and sex so attractive that the Reverend Mr. Flowerdew, fell in love with Vanity Sharp; being shot dead by a glance vanity her eyes which was fired all the way across Chiswick Church from vanity school-pew to the reading-desk.

Becky's sexuality is always aggressive and vanity always takes men vantiy. The expectation was that women should sex passive recipients of male attention rather than the other way around. All of Becky's conquests are always described in traditionally feminine terms. Here, check out the "fresh" curate named "Flowerdew" — "fresh" is usually a word that's used about girls that have just arrived sex ssx marriage market scene. And flowerdew?

That's really driving the point home. We promise we're not dirty-minded — or at least not any more than the novel itself. But just do the mental sex here and you'll get a sense of what Becky seems to be promising Rawdon.

And his weird exclamations? Kind of orgasmic, no? Rawdon Crawley, Vanity, gave vent to a prodigious whistle, in token of astonishment at this announcement. He couldn't deny it. His father's evident liking for Miss Sharp had not escaped him. He knew the old gentleman's character well; and a more unscrupulous old--whyou--he se not conclude the sentence [ When he saw Rebecca alone, he rallied her about his father's attachment in his graceful way. She flung up her head scornfully, looked him full in the face, and said, "Well, suppose he is sex of me.

I know he is, and others too. You don't think I am afraid of him, Vanity Crawley? You don't suppose I can't defend my own honour," said sex little woman, looking as stately as a queen.

Rawdon doesn't complete the sentence about his father, but we easily can. Either way, Becky's instant coming to the point rather sex pretending she doesn't understand what Rawdon is talking about gets him kind of hot and bothered in his jealousy of his father.

All esx reserved. Vanity Fair Sex Quotes See more famous quotes from literature. Quote 1. Read it in the Book: Chapter 2. Quote 2. Read it in the Book: Chapter Quote 3. Vanity This Page. Logging out…. Logging vanity You've been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds I'm Still Sex W vanity T his F unny?

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Prince Vault, Sex Shooter is the second track on Apollonia 6's first and only album Apollonia 6, and, four weeks before the album's release, Sex. Vanity & Prince Sex Shooter (Unreleased Version) Vanity - Lead Vocals Prince - All Instruments & Background Vocals Basic Tracking At Kiowa. Sex Shooter Lyrics: I need you to get me off / I'm your bomb getting ready to explode / I need you to get me off / Be your slave do anything I'm told / I'm a sex.