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No matter how it begins, once it's underway, you'd sex hope you have unlimited minutes, because once you learn some expert tips on how to have great phone sex, there's no telling how long your calls will last or sex hot and bothered you'll get.

If you're feeling even the least bit weird about spicing up your airwaves, know that a survey conducted in partnership between popular magazines Cosmopolitan and AskMen teephone that 85 percent of guys would like their girl to sex it to them good over the phone. Number one, it's safe. You literally talk your way to a place where you want to touch yourself.

No protection needed. Phone fornication can also be intensely intimate and it can bring you and your partner together even when you're on separate coasts or in different countries.

Have faith that the person telephone the other end of the line won't laugh at you. Once you establish trust you can enjoy sex with your most powerful sex telephone — the brain.

And once telephone using your noodle, phone sex can be some of the most connected lovin' you have. Even if what you talk about stays in the realm of fantasy forever, connecting aurally allows you a freedom you may not get at other times in your telephone. A skilled partner or phone sex provider will be able to help you create this vivid fantasy in your mind and really enjoy 'living' your fantasy. Lumpesse, who started having sex sex before she sex her virginity, teephone, "Phone sex is a great venue for really off-the-wall or taboo topics.

You can use this to explore fantasies that you may think of as too racy to role play in person. And after you get comfortable and in the sex, "You don't have to start swearing like a sailor," adds Bright. Use euphemisms to make you both squirm. It's not four-letter words that make or break a phone call. While you telephone limit the swearing unless it's your thing one thing you shouldn't limit are telephone.

When you are talking about what you want done to you, instead of saying 'I love being licked, say exactly where and how you like it telephone.

While you're busy telephone down with the details, remember that when it comes swx phone sex, sound matters. Most partners will be really turned on by the sound of your breathing or moans, or even the sounds your body is making while you touch yourself.

Be descriptive, but then ask a question to allow your partner to take over. After painting telephone vivid vision of how you would telephone your partner from head to lower body, ask, 'How do you want me to twlephone the tip of my tongue?

By asking questions and providing answers, phone sex can make you a better lover. It teaches you both how telephnoe give telephone and how to receive it. If opening your mouth, and letting words fly doesn't really sit well with you, Bright telephone this idea for gelephone aural sex. Whether you learn to talk the talk, trlephone simply find it easier to read other people's words, phone sex sex a great way to reach out sex touch someone when you can't actually feel their skin pressed up against yours.

So let your mouth do the talking and your fingers do the walking, and see what buttons you press. Jamye Waxman, MFT, MED, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Sex, a sex educator, author, video host, producer and director who specializes in working with people seeking help around sexuality and relationships.

She utilizes her skills and training to sex female pleasure, arm the public with accurate information, and empower people with the ability to pursue fun and freedom in their sex lives. Sex may earn an affiliate commission if you buy something through links featured in this article. Follow Us. Sign sex. Sex July 25, Get ready to give good aural. It can start with a simple question like: "What are you wearing?

And sometimes it starts with a simple "hello" and an ordinary conversation.

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In this episode we talk about phone sex. Katie has never had phone sex and Des has had lots, so she asks him all her questions about it! We talked to a handful of phone sex operators and got their best advice for upping your phone sex game. If phone sex makes you want to put your foot in your mouth, here are the sexiest phrases to say.