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My new boyfriend—let's call him John—and I were walking hand-in-hand from our hotel room at Hedonism II, the infamous clothing-optional, adults-only resort in Negril, Jamaica, to our first Tantric sex class. I whispered to him, "So, listen. Everyone's focused on their own partner. No one will be looking at you," I tried to assure him. For one, I'm not that comfortable walking around naked. From the bed to the bathroom is fine.

But it's not like I make a habit of just hanging out and cooking breakfast without a stitch of clothing. The thing is, we were booked on the Nude side of the resort, where you have to go naked, as opposed to the Prude side, which is clothing optional.

Hedo is known for its swingers' parties, so we basically thought it would be one big orgy which frankly kind of frightened me. Even though Hedonism II wasn't exactly what we anticipated, we learned a lot. Here, a few of the biggest lessons we took home. As we stood nude on our suite deck about to step out into the world of Hedo for the first time, I turned to John and said, "Oh my God. My vagina is out. I can't do this. I sex. Then he took my hand and escorted hedonism to the poolside bar on the Nude side.

We giggled a bit with excitement, and the sense that we were in it together instantly made me feel closer to him. The guests at the beach, pool, and bar areas represented every shape, size, and age.

People with completely normal bodies seemed to feel more comfortable in their skin than I did, which made me loosen up a bit and not worry about that little scar on my left hip that I obsess over. Before I knew it, I was running down the beach naked, letting a stranger draw sex my bare breasts with body paint.

Exhilarated, I actually mounted John on a beach chair in the daylight for a little afternoon delight as another guest snuck hedonism stare. We seemed to be the only couple having sex in public, with the exception of a few blow jobs by the pool. One big poolside orgy it was not. The main takeaway from our first Tantric couples' workshop was that some sex moves can help me experience a better orgasm —and help my partner last longer—without changing sex or involving fancy toys.

Much like with yoga, a huge part of Tantra is connecting your breath with your movement. When we were having sex after the class, I instructed John to do the "breath of fire" we learned in class, aka breathe quickly through his nose from his navel. Doing so immediately slowed his orgasmic roll, allowing him to flip me over on top of him. As we were about to orgasm, I literally looked at my notes from class to remember the next breathing technique.

Mouth," my notes said. Bad note-taking aside, it was the push we needed to make an intense growling tiger sound out of our mouths as we started to hedonism. The point is to tap into the primal, animalistic nature of sex. It felt sex, but the sound of the growl vibrated through my torso, giving me this delicious, humming buzz, as if the orgasmic energy were spreading through my body sex the vibrations.

It made my orgasm feel stronger, bigger, and longer. Earlier in class, Brad said that if we did this correctly, "the neighbors should be jealous. Mission accomplished! As we exited our room an hour later, we got a little nod and a wink from a couple passing by.

Our instructors provided us with a silk tie that John would blindfold me with for sight deprivation, which really does help to heighten your other four sensesa shot of rum along with a tray with cheese, fruit, and chocolate for tasteand a peacock feather and sex silk tie for touch.

We didn't need anything tangible for the smell and sound portions. As I lay blindfolded on my yoga mat with my trusty boyfriend kneeling over me trying to ignore the fact that there were about 20 other couples in the room just inches from either side of mea chill of anticipation rushed through my body, like the nerves you feel before you have sex with your partner for the first time.

First came the feather, which John traced slowly and gently hedonism my half-naked body. It felt good, but it was nothing new. But then he slowly dripped juice from a piece of cantaloupe on to the middle part of my lips. The cold, gentle sex made not just my lips, but my whole body hedonism.

I couldn't imagine that there was a part of my body I didn't know could bring me pleasure, but here I was feeling a physical awakening from a few drops of cold liquid on my lips. John traced the outline of my lips with a piece of the fruit, heightening the sensation and getting me extremely turned on. He leaned down and, with his mouth full of rum, dripped the liquid into my mouth from his like a mama bird feeding her baby. In fact, it was pretty damn hot.

Until the "sound" portion hedonism the exercise. For this part, John was supposed to breathe audibly on my neck or say sexy things in my ear. Still straddling me while I lay on my back, he started with heavy, loud breathing on my neck, which sent shivers down my spine. As he slowly moved his way up to whisper those sweet nothings, my darling boyfriend accidentally let out a loud, rum-filled burp right in my sex.

Unexpected lesson from this class: Kegel exercises really work, because even though I laughed so hard I thought I might pee, I was able to stop what could've been a tidal wave of urine from hitting the couple's mat next to us.

Sex in all seriousness, it's nice to know something like a little sex during what should've been a sexy moment didn't ruin our good time. I've always prided myself on my hedonism skills, but Kim and Brad taught me a few new tricks.

Sixteen of them, in fact. At the "Snake Charming" class, we learned penis-massage techniques I never even knew existed. Like any good student, I was prepared for class with a towel and an intimate cleansing cloth. Little did we know that we'd need one more Snake Charming accoutrement: a rubber glove that left us mystified until we realized it was for a prostate massage where you insert a finger or two hedonism your partner's sex and gently circle it around to massage his prostate from the inside.

The dread on John's face spoke volumes, and we skipped that part of the instruction. Our cue to leave was when the cacophony of orgasmic sounds filled the hedonism. I tried to be mature, but it's hard not to laugh when you hear a hedonism of people loudly climaxing over the slapping sounds of skin on skin.

Without saying a word to each other, we quickly ducked out of the class. We walked across the sprawling tropical environs Sign sex for our Newsletter and join us on the path to wellness. Spring Challenge. No Guesswork.

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luotuozhi.info › things-you-should-know-before-you-go-to-hedon. In January, I spent four days at the notorious clothing-optional sex resort, Hedonism ii in Negril, Jamaica. Having recently visited topless. I spent a week at all-inclusive swingers resort Hedonism II. By the It was hard to tell who was having sex and who wasn't, but the hue of the.