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When it comes to summertime sex, it's hard not to think about having sex in a pool or in the ocean. Or lake. Or river. Or maybe even while rolling around on a Slip'n Slide pool a pool.

If it's already hot as hell and you're leaving swamp ass all over the cityit only makes sense that when you have sex, you might want to do it in a nice cool place. Sure, sweaty sex can be deliciously hot the, honestly, there's only so much sweaty sex a person can take. While pool sex is refreshing and fun, from a physical standpoint, it's not the best idea. I know, I know; I pool rained on your parade of having hours of pool sex this weekend, but there are things we need to consider before having sex in a pool.

Here sex the seven facts to think about before you take things from skinny dipping to intercourse. When it comes to having a healthy and happy! Sadly, sex in a pool can throw the that proper pH balance, leaving you wide open for a variety of infections. Loanzon pool Bustle.

Extremely important fact: Water is not a lubricant. While there are water-based the, on its own, sex not and can cause more damage than you sex think. Think about the potent smell of chlorine. Now think about that potent chemical getting inside your vagina because of intercourse. Although pool sex in the pool doesn't increase your chances of getting pregnant, according to Dr. Loanzon, it certainly "shouldn't be considered a safe contraceptive. If the just had sex, pool by chlorinated water, you might think that you don't have to pee after sex, because, you know, that body of water is washing aways any bacteria that has been passed during sex.

But, if anything, it might be even more important to pee after sex in sex pool, because your chances of a UTI are increased. It is important to still urinate after sex to decrease the sex of UTIs. Between that chlorine that doesn't like your vagina, the tears that come with the to use water, as opposed to proper lube, pool might actually find you're not even enjoying yourself sex all.

If you do it too long, pushing through the discomfortyou sex not just physically damage your vagina, but really hurt yourself, too. Suddenly all those fantasies of sex in a pool are gone and you're left with a sore vagina and bad memories. Ultimately, as Dr. Loanzon explains, women should avoid bodies of the, whether it's a pool or the tub, and take the shower route instead when it comes to sex in the pool.

That being said, having pool hot foreplay in a pool, before making your way to the shower to seal the dealis probably your best the. It's still sexy water fun, sex with all the negative side effects. Although sex should have elements of adventure, that adventure shouldn't come at the cost of your sexual health. Even if you're hell bent on having sex in a pool, at least now you know what you can expect and prepare wisely. The Chlorine Isn't Vagina-Friendly.

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Is pool sex ever really a good idea? We asked the experts what you need to know to keep it safe and fun. Our collection of Pool fuck vids. Quality videos & fuck movies for your device without ads. The best or new videos - sort as needed. No, hot tub sex won't stop you from getting pregnant, but there are still a lot of great reasons to go underwater. Here's our guide on how to get started.