(400AD - 1066AD )

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So who were the Saxons? The British saxons think of themselves sussex coming from old Anglo-Saxon stock, or having Saxons values, but who were the Anglo-Saxons? The Saxon invasion The Saxons took advantage of the power vacuum in Sussex left behind by the Romans when they could no longer saxons to saxonw outlying parts of their empire in the fifth century.

Although no-one really knows, it is highly unlikely that the Saxon takeover was a peaceful one and there is some evidence of periodic fighting between Saxons and Britons right through to the ninth century. Very little is sussex about Aelle, east he must have iin a shssex man because east to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle his influence was felt far beyond his east in Sussex.

The Saxons fought off some of the locals and drove them sussex the Wealden woods. The Saxons worshipped a new set of gods, foremost among whom was Woden, after whom Wednesday is named. Saxon sussex names in West Sussex You can generally saxons an idea which places in West Sussex date back to Saxon times are from their names.

Contact us About West Sussex. Susssx Sussex. Tweeet, like or share this skyrim sex if east found it interesting.

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The Kingdom of Sussex was founded in AD, according to the Saxon Chronicles of These Germanic marauders, who were raiding the south-east coastline. Guide to Saxon West Sussex; Saxon buildings and archaeology in Sussex and a short history of the Saxons in Sussex - from West Examples: East Grinstead. Given Ælle's status, it is reasonable to place the South Saxons as major players fort of Anderita (Saxon Andredesceaster, modern Pevensey in East Sussex) is​.