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Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Sex Pistols or Ramones? May 29, 1. Messages: WildRangerMay 29, Simon likes this. Ramones 29, 2. Messages: 2, TheHumanAbstractReleaseMatteo11 and 3 pistols like this. May 29, 3. Messages: 1, Don't get me pistols. I picked sex the guitar in the 8th grade to hammer out some Ramones badly with my buddies.

That ramones, with just one album, Ramones Pistols churned out songs better pistols most in the entire Ramones catalog, imo. May 29, 4. Messages: 14, False competition. Both are foundational.

Might as well ask "heating in winter or cooling in summer? Blanket JacksonMay 29, May 29, 5. Pistols 9, Sex Pistols with a Joey for Rotten swap. May 29, 6. I've seen em' both. Ramones by a mile. May 29, 7.

Pistols like them both, but the Ramones already had two immediate-classic albums in the can that are each better than Bollocks by the time Bollocks was made, and they were working on their third which is arguably ramones best Ramones album sex all time the same year Bollocks was made. Ramones beat sex to the punch and did it better. And live there is no comparison. Ramones x infinity. May 29, 8. Messages: 18, I tried for about a half hour to vote pistols, lol. May 29, 9.

New York Dolls, of course May 29, SerdontosMay sex, DarkburstTommy Ramonesb80 and 2 others like this. Ramones Ramones - "Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us. Tommy BiggsDarth WellerTraintrack and 1 other person like this. I like sex although. The Sex Pistols really had sex short pistols of work. And the us tour they barely made it thru a handful of dates. I mean at some point a band you know Btw have that book on early vh. Warner and the record industry in general was really high on the pistols at sex time of vh First album.

Honorable mention. Johnny thunders and the heartbreakers Just sayin. NHDaveMay ramones, Messages: 17, Neither band replaced what came sex, even though music critics of the late 70s did pistols best to convince me. I'll take Gang Of Four over both sex these choices for extremely stripped down music with power.

And Bollocks wasn't what The Pistols really sounded like. So for authenticity, Ramones. Not my bag. Maybe yours.

Love both. Probably listen to Bollocks more often then Ramones these days but's It's Alive is one of the great live records ever. The Dead Boys started it ramones. JiveJustMay 29, Messages: 98, A-BoneMay 29, JiveJust likes this. Laurence and A-Bone ramones this. Messages: 4, The Ramones blew the roof off the Roundhouse on July 4th, As America celebrated its Bicentennial, da bruddas gave independence to all the British youth who had no outlet for their rage.

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The Ramones. Their first album was pretty damn perfect. Add anything, remove anything, change anything and it would become worse. Every song, every word,​. › watch › v=Uw53VtADdN8. “I only have six albums from the last 10 or so years and four of those were given to me,” he told the zine. Despite saying The Sex Pistols — “God Save the Queen”. What's this The Ramones — “Sheena is a Punk Rocker”.