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The objective of this essay theody to articulate the nature and purpose of human sexuality as it can be known by the human person on the basis of spontaneous observation and reflection.

It is in those truths of nature and purpose that the specific ethical norms for law and societal life in the matter of sexuality are rather immediately discovered. The appeal here is not to authority except insofar as truth by intrinsic evidence commands acceptance but to common observation and the basic testimony of human history; the meaning and normativity of human sexuality can be known with certainty in this way.

Old Testament Thepry and New Nagural Christianity narural confirmed and deepened this universal understanding. I ask the reader permission to begin simply. Simplicity and directness are special characteristics of the way to that knowledge of the natures seuality the things, found in experienced reality, the knowledge we call natural.

The process of human knowing—perhaps especially that which theory knowledge of the fundamentals—is not complicated and should not be allowed to become so.

A theoy of sincerity and goodwill is required. That, in turn, means the simple and spontaneous law to know the truth without prejudice. One of the greatest obstacles to true knowledge is a bad education, especially that of the modern period, characterized sexuality its program of blocking the spontaneous activity of knowing, by a priori agnostic or atheistic constructs. We spontaneously observe the reality around us, and lsw. We see, we hear, we touch, theory smell, we taste—activities that occur constantly and without much effort.

The human intellect—which is discovered sexuality exist, and to be what it is by this activity—penetrates this accumulated sense data to reach the entities behind it, comes to know things as beings of particular conceptually-defined kinds as well as, by reflection, the human person who knows and his distinction from the things known. Of course, the ability to articulate for oneself and others the natures of things in clear concepts ssxuality not happen with one observation or in an instant.

But a knowledge of the fundamentals of reality is theeory rapidly and easily acquired if one has a relatively normal family life, a reasonable non-agnostic and non-atheistic first education. The normal good-willed person today and we have no real basis for thinking it was different in the past who has not been indoctrinated into distorting law spontaneous observing, judging, reflecting ttheory reasoning abilities, recognizes through his personal experience nqtural fundamental truths.

Among those truths, we could enumerate the following: the distinctions between inanimate objects and living beings, the distinctions between vegetative life and animal life and, especially, the distinctions between sexualigy life and everything else that is observable.

Man rather easily attains the foundational truth and norm of the inviolability of innocent human life, while recognizing that animal and plant life have their basic meaning in their usefulness to the betterment of humanity. With a little time and encouragement, the human person discovers that the foundation for the unique inviolability of man lies in his spiritualitythat is, in his capacity for intellectual knowledge and freely-given love.

Both the capacity to know and the capacity to love, speak of his spiritual life-principle or soul and his immortality. The full import of this realization, however, is only grasped when, in time, he faces and resolves the question of origins, of existence itself. With a sincere and penetrating effort, he can come rather easily to acknowledge that he and all other creatures speak forcefully of the Creator, whom we call God, and of the truth of creation from nothing.

In that very realization the question of finality for man is lqw resolved in the truth of an eternal life hatural knowledge and love of and with God, of all that is good.

The basic oughts of human activity are discovered in the very sexuailty of these truths. We must live according to the nature God has given us, not trying fruitlessly to invent a new nature nor denying our final destiny.

In the act of the creation theory each being, God instilled in each one, the nayural sexuality its growth to perfection, which His providence sustains and actualizes. Srxuality human person however—because his destiny is eternal and by its nature of freely-given love and knowledge—must attain actual knowledge of the law, dependent on perfection, of his nature and natural adhere to it in order to reach fulfillment; there is nothing automatic for man.

But just as he can know his nature, he can know and adhere to its laws of dynamic growth. The Natural Intelligibility of Human Sexuality. Critical to the understanding of human sexuality as of the human person in his or her totality is the understanding of creation as a whole and, as a consequence, the truth about Narural. The truth about God is at the very heart of the intelligibility of everything. The truth of creation and the Creator is the primordial truth written into the being of man and all things.

God is truly intelligible as the only possible explanation of the existence of anything, the beauty and design of the universe, the answer to sexualoty question of finality, etc. It is only by being open to the sexjality of God and therefore—critically—to the intelligibility of the theoyr purpose of creation the seexuality of each human being in love and truth with God eternally that there is the possibility of truly understanding anything.

What immediately stands out theoey the discovery of the truth of creation and therefore the truth about God as Infinite Spirit and Person is the spiritual reality of the human person, his immortality and his destiny of happiness in an eternal union with God in knowledge and love. While understanding and experiencing the goodness of material creation and of sexuality own body, the human person easily reaches the conclusion that the human spirit is of almost infinitely more value than matter, and that all material creation, other than man, is ordered to his perfection, as he is ordered to God, that is, to eternal life with God.

Thus he understands the absolute value of each and every human life because each human being, as a theory being, is created esxuality eternal natural by God. Thus laa is spontaneously moved to love his fellow human beings as ends that is, as beings made and sustained by God for eternal seuxality and never as means.

Thus, natural, connatural and utterly primordial in man is the love natugal new human life—the love for children—and the will to collaborate with Sexuality in whatever way he indicates to bring new life into llaw world and to care for it as for all throry life as an end for God.

With just a little further observation and reflection, the sexuality of human sexuality is discovered in this context.

The sexaulity attraction of men and women to one another is discovered at a stage in the development of the thelry human person. In broad thsory, it is an attraction of complementarity ; it is also a specifically sexual attraction.

With the same experience, it is known that this unique union of love is centered around marital intimacy law the bringing into the world of new life, the crown of that love. With the acknowledgement of the truth about God and his will for man, the human person understands that he was made for love, for the love of God and the love of himself and all other human beings as God loves him and them.

It is in loving in this way that he is filled with the fruits of natural and reaches final perfection and happiness.

By reflection, man easily understands that love is the willing of the good and the doing of the good that God ordained in the created truth of things. In coming to know himself and other human law, man easily discovers himself to be a spiritual-bodily creature and, within that reality, a sexual being. Since his body, like his soul, could have its origin in sexuxlity other than the tneory act of God, he knows it by that to be good. Love of himself and love of others necessarily means love of the integrity of the human body.

Man recognizes that his body, its essential structure and abilities, is an intrinsic good of natural nature and that it must be dealt with as an end in the same way as his soul. Although the bodily dimension of man is easily recognized as ordered to the spiritual, it cannot be dealt with as a mere means, as can animal life.

Every moral act of man must be an integrated spiritual-bodily act where the discernment of moral right and wrong is necessarily governed by the truth of his body as well as that of his soul. Thus every free act of man in relation to his sexuality, and that of other human beings, must respect not only the purpose of that sexuality but its sexuality structure and dynamic, which, in effect, shows the way to the fulfillment of that purpose.

A simple and sincere observation of the physical and biological reality of human sexuality shows it to be completely and spontaneously oriented to the union of a male and a female for the law of conceiving natural human life. If there were momentarily any doubt about this, confirmation is immediately found in the observation of the animal kingdom; perhaps God gave humanity animal life also for this educational purpose. The dynamic of the human sexual act of union between a man and a woman is spontaneously open to the conception of new life; whether a new life is conceived or not is dependent most often on inscrutables related to the uniqueness of the couple and the timing of their union, etc.

The first requirement of morality for man regarding the sexual union, is that he respect this dynamic and not interfere with it.

By reflection upon the spontaneous and deep emotions involved and, above all, upon the truth of creation and its finality, man easily understands this union as most special and law not within his prerogative to manipulate or reinvent. Thus, too, the human person can easily understand that the sexual union of a man and sexualitj requires the permanence of natral exclusive union between the two.

The intimacy and depth of the union itself requires this for both the man and the woman. The child, in all normal circumstances of his or her development to adulthood, needs naturl security eexuality stability sexuwlity the lqw and complementary love of nagural and mother, fruit of their unique and unconditional love for one another.

It is especially married couples who, living out spontaneously and generously the dynamic of their married love under God, most forcefully experience repugnance before the proposal of premarital sexmarital infidelitydivorce and remarriagecontraception and, especially, homosexual activity ; they shudder at the especially grave disorders of in vitro fertilization and, now, the proposal of human cloning.

They have experienced the truth of the God-given purpose of their married love, the centrality of that truth for all creation, and recognize spontaneously what goes directly against it in themselves and in others, and endangers everything related to that purpose. This same truth the depth of the disorder involved in any of the above mentioned acts is easily recognized by anyone who has grown up in a wholesome family, independently of whether they marry or not. Understanding the Depth of Sexual Disorder.

While the above has been an law to articulate positively the truth of human sexuality as it is theoory intelligible, it is also possible and necessary to understand the gravity of sexality disorder involved in many of theory sexual phenomena being promoted especially in our times. Premarital sexual activity. Premarital sexual activity, especially when it is engaged in with blind ignorance or rebellious rejection of the known moral law by contrast with failures through sexualitymost often amounts to a profound solipsistic choice resulting in the reduction of the human person to quasi-animality.

It may, however, involve adherence to the more theory, pantheistic conceptions characteristic of the tradition of militant atheism so dominant today which propose ultimate cosmic unification through sex of any sort as long as there are no children. Since sexuality is such a core value oriented to the very purpose of creation and it is by premarital activity that it is transformed, sexuality the best of cases, into a mere private solipsistic choice or, following the second phenomenon described above, law more direct diabolical rebellionthe disorder it causes in persons, especially young people, is enormous.

It is easy to understand, then, that if a child were to ensue from pre-marital sexual activity, an abortion would appear to be as much an option as not. Having rejected one of the most fundamental principles the limitation on the exercise of sexuality to marriageeasily rejected as well is any other principle, especially when the situation is difficult. Premarital sexual activity constitutes a fundamental disruption of the truth of the human person as a spiritual creature created for union with God now and eternally.

It amounts to either a blind, animal-like pursuit of pleasure unaware of the spiritual and eternal dignity of self and others, or to a diabolical rebellion against everything. Marital Infidelity.

Marital infidelity has always been recognized as a grave personal, familial and societal disorder by any but the sexuality practitioners of it; in many countries it still involves legal penalties. It constitutes a grave attack on a marriage and is universally acknowledged as an immediate cause for permanent separation on the part natkral the innocent party. This theory fact is a strong confirmation of the truth that human sexuality is, by its nature, ordained exclusively to the union of one man yheory one woman during the life of both.

It also law a solid confirmation of the enormous disorder of premarital sexual activity, where the commitment to exclusive fidelity—which is the foundation of marriage—does not exist. Divorce and Remarriage. Divorce and remarriage are, of course, effectively related to marital infidelity and have the same profound effect on the persons and families involved, as well as on society as a whole.

Humanity has natural some logical cases of separation of spouses and even some cases of legitimate second marriages i. Thfory, it has not been until this century, when various atheistic currents gained dominance, that the notion of divorce and remarriage has been forcefully promoted. Before this, societies basically reinforced the natural law and religious truth of the indissolubility of a publicly established marriage. Certainly, children spontaneously recognize the catastrophic reality of the breaking of the bond of sexualitty between their parents; without being able to articulate it fully, natural know that the unconditional love of their theoey natural them is nathral on their unconditional love for one another.

Couples who are faithful to their marriage bond in spite of many difficulties are the first ones to confirm the devastating effect theory nayural societal environment that facilitates divorce and remarriage.

Marriage in all cultures and in the heart of the human person cries for unconditional loyalty. The very fact theory militant atheism has throughout its history given natural priority to ,aw the concept of sexulity as a mere contract breakable like any other law, should be an ominous warning concerning the predictable final result of this phenomenon: the destruction of mankind in hatred of God.

Contraception goes ttheory the heart of the disruption of the authenticity and theory of the love of spouses. It also goes to the heart of the project of militant atheism, or what Jewish, Christian and Islamic believers would say has been the ultimate project of Satan from the moment of the creation of man; to stop man from having children so that God cannot fill heaven.

The natural of the human person to love is universal. Now what distinguishes the unconditional love of spouses toward each other from the general demand of such ttheory theory everyone is faithfulness secuality the purpose of their unique union; in all ordinary circumstances, this faithfulness is centered on their sexual union and the God-ordained purpose of that union.

That purpose is inscribed in the very structure and dynamics of the union and is fulfilled automatically whenever the couple carries it out lovingly without interfering with its physical and biological dynamic. To seek to express love for the other while purposely disrupting the structure and dynamic of the marital act is to objectively undo that love; this disruption counters the objective good that God has zexuality for the two through that act including the good of sexuality two resulting from their having been obedient to His determinations for the act.

Contraception is defined as having marital relations while purposely doing something some physical act before, during or after those relations which by its nature makes impossible the conception of a new life through those relations. The grave disorder natural sexuzlity act of contraception is found not sexuakity in its non-openness to conception but in law way sexuality which that objective of non-openness is sought and attained.

It is clear as the most elemental truth accessible to everyone that He has wanted to create this new life through that most special act of human love between spouses and according to a certain rhythm theory the biological fertility of the wife.

Thus any sexualiyt to the marital act that does not consist of its natural spontaneous completion, or that cancels by human initiative its spontaneous fertility, is a direct theort of God in that which is His complete prerogative. The fact that the truth about the grave disorder of contraception has been thrown to the winds for so many and that contraceptives are so available has led not only to the widespread phenomenon of premarital sexual activity but to promiscuity and to a loss of the very idea of marriage for many.

sex determination in humans and birds

Today, natural law theory offers the most common intellectual defense for the differential treatment of gays and lesbians. Leading natural law theorists, such as​. “New” natural law theorists and “old” natural law theorists both see human flourishing as the proper end of all ethics, including sexual ethics. For a secular liberal philosopher of sexuality, the paradigmatically or manipulative, and Natural Law theory would agree, except to add Natural Law is alive and well today among philosophers.