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Powered by WordPress. The tape opens with Mimi mimi to drag out this melodrama about whether she lied sex the sex tape or not. Taape already knew that she did, but you know, sometimes people have to do things on their own time. Tape invited Stevie J over to come clean. This conversation goes sex the way left, sex Kalenna gets emotional, and rightfully so, since she feels that Tony is leaving her tape with the baby and not taking her career seriously as her manager.

They took it to a level of all out verbal warfare, and Kalenna even broke a plate mimi she was so fed up. All she ever wanted was to be heard, and for him to start getting her music out sex and make her the focus. Mimi shows up to mimi Ariane, but to also come clean mimi her lies. First, Mimi pulls Margeaux aside to rehash tape version of events about what happened with Nikko.

Ariane stepped in and took over tape conversation, and reprimanded Mimi for being mimi foolish, but you could tell that Ariane was coming from a place of love. The status of their friendship is questionable.

Momma Dee and Ernest take it to church, where Ernest pops the mimi with a better ring. Anyone else tape them to get a wedding special? That would be so gloriously entertaining to watch. We find Margeaux and Mimi together without Mimi anchoring their story line for once.

Margeaux, after doing some tape self-reflection, tells Nikko that she sex to be separated. This is after that last sex up fight sex she locked tape out and tossed his possessions out mim the window. She told him to sleep in his car to prove his sexx for her. Starr Rhett Rocque Posted June 22, More From Sex. Don't show this to mimi again.

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Join The Urban Mail cast as we discuss the sex tape controversy surrounding Love and Hip Hop star Mimi Faust. The Morning Show talks to Mimi Faust about her Sex Tape and Love and Hip Hop. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: HOT Mimi Faust talks about her relationship with Nikko and how much her sex tape has made. VISIT OUR SITE: Mimi Faust who is.