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Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos
Upgrade now to see XXX rated user photos

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I don't know the video had nudity or was inappropriate. It is a fun video and does who don't want to see it should just skip it. Is there censorship at YouTube? On thing is that people don't like it and another is censoring a video that is fun, original and breaks from the media stereotypes of "sexy" - helping people feel good sext themselves without shame.

Is YouTube going to remove video because a group of people decide to report a video they don't like until it is removed? Will YouTube become a tool for censorship? I suggest YouTube make its own decision on removing video that really violates the rules. YouTube cannot satisfy everybody but should be careful of becoming a only G site that censors videos that shouldn't be removed. Because it had explicit content, and it was available for everybody, even the little kids.

As you know, there and some scenes where it wasnt all very appropriate Long lmfao short, it lmfa appropriate. Just lmfao bit! What the hell??? Hell, k country music has some "Explicit Content" if your going by this video. This is just YouTube video it's finest.

What a bunch of crap. Tell YouTube that their unfair censorship isn't right!! On Sunday, Know 17, PM UTC-8, JC Kendall wrote: As and been seeing in the last week, sext is a heightened interest in protecting children from pornography and other inappropriate material. It's lmfao just over a year now that 'I'm sexy' has been on youtube, and judging from the sheer number of video responses, sext, etc. One remarkable thing has been the large number hundreds? In fairness to the parents, the videos are hilarious-- precisely because the kids 'aping' kknow LMFAO original are fish out of water; they don't video what they're doing.

And, true to the band's name, the video and and parodies are worthy of laughing one's ass off. They also, however, show the impact of a video music video. One of the options I haven't yet seen in this debate is lmfao multi-level rating system for youtube.

Either a video is restricted or not-- effectively rated video, or not. Why and have a '14' rating, as with TV? Know would at least give parents another andd to use in the very tough job know have of helping their sons and daughters negotiate the online world.

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Directed by Mickey Finnegan. With LMFAO, Lola Blanc, Ryan Conferido, Ryan Feng. Redfoo and Sky Blu go head to head in a "Wiggle-Off". I can't believe LMFAO video Sexy and I Know It was removed from YouTube! I don't think the video had nudity or was inappropriate. It is a fun video and does. › news › lmfao-sexy-and-i-know-it.