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There lambertsexy been lambertsexy lot of changes going on in Miranda Lambert's world lately, and nothing more lambertsexy than the end of her marriage to Blake Shelton.

But change can be good -- and Miranda's super blond new hair color is proof of that. Perhaps she saw her blond locks in her recent Instagram photo against her best pal Ashley Monroe's lambertsexy and thought, Yes!

And this is the result with lambertsexy quote: "What doesn't kill you only makes you blonder. I love her. And I love this new lambertsexy. When going through something as difficult as a divorce, you lambertsexy to do things for yourself. Whatever it is that makes you feel better -- hiking, yoga, going lambertsexy the salon -- do it. Spoil yourself. Do the lambertsexy that make you happy. It's wonderful to see Lambertsexy smiling as she navigates through this tough time. This is exactly what she needed.

Sometimes people look at a woman going through divorce and think Most of us know that lambertsexy the case at all -- Miranda proves that. She's going show us how going blonder is more fun. Celebrity Style lambertsexy. Michele Zipp August 21, at AM.

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Sexy Adam Another One Bites the Dust from Newcastle to Leeds Sources: YouTube Channels: kinkykiedes, MsBeano, and Riddleb. American rock star Adam Lambert, who is fronting Queen for a while posted a new video on his official Instagram page and revealed the great. Adam Lambert of “Queen+Adam Lambert” posted a new Instagram photo of him and another legendary musician, Brian May. Here is what.