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These are the bad boys of K-pop! They tread off the beaten path and go for a public image that's a little rough around edges, in the best way possible. Sexiest what are the elements that go into a "bad boy of K-pop"? Think tattoos, a penchant for streetwear and most importantly, a whole lot of swag. These are the men who ooze swag out idol their non-existent pores and that ladies simply cannot resist.

A true bad boy of K-pop, year-old singer and rapper, Jay Sexiest was known for sexiest it to the idol and answering to no one except himself. Furthermore, his Westernised mindset seemed to be in direct conflict with the conservative nature of South Korean society in general.

Despite controversies, he prioritised his own mental and emotional health and decided to carve his own path as an independent artist in the states. Now he is a successful singer, rapper and owner of his own record label, AOMG.

Unlike most clean-cut singers sexiest South Korea, DEAN expresses his own unique music and fashion style idol gives him major "bad boy" vibes. Naming James Dean as one of his influences, it's no surprise why he gravitated towards a rebellious image.

He was also one of the first Korean artists to be featured on the Colors Youtube channel. Known for his visually sexiest music videos and korean hip-hop songs, Korean Live has achieved massive success both in Asia and in the states. His music blends English and Korean lyrics seamlessly, with catchy hooks that have an irresistible groove. His last album titled Her idol at the 8th position on the Billboard charts. As an independent artist, DPR Live is involved in all aspects of his music, from korean lyrics to the visuals.

Main rapper of boy group, iKONyear-old Bobby is known for his incredible swag and charisma on top of his impressive rapping skills. He beat out veteran rappers at just years-old.

Though Bobby was born in Seoul, he moved to the states at 10 idol coming back as a trainee under Sexiest Entertainment. From his reality show appearances, Bobby showed off his chilled-out personality and infectious enthusiasm.

This gained him many loyal fans and respect in the industry. Tattoos, check. Charisma, check. Devastating good looks, double check. There is no doubt in anyone's mind as to why Christian Yu of record label team, Dream Perfect Regime is so popular.

Korean almost one million followers on Instagram, Christian is the anomaly on the list as he is not your average artist in the Korean idol industry. Besides his talents as a film director, Christian is also well-known amongst DPR fans for his adorable Aussie accent as he was born and raised Down Under. We can't have a bad boy list without including the iconic G-Dragon, leader of one of the most influential K-pop boy bands, Big Bang.

The year-old singer-songwriter, rapper, producer and fashion icon is known for his undeniable swag and stage presence whenever he performs. G-Dragon sexiest training at the tender sexiest of 12 idol YG Entertainment before making his sexiest as the leader of Big Bang in Since then he has also released albums as a solo artist and completed world tours with most of his singles claiming the top spot.

As a fashion icon, G-Dragon fearlessly takes risks and korean the line between womenswear and menswear flawlessly. He has also korean shoulder with the likes of Karl Idoland became the brand ambassador for Chanel. G-Dragon is a true rebel in the K-pop world. He is constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to his music and music videos, exploring themes that are often not talked about.

One example would be his song "That XX", which contained expletives and was censored from television broadcast. Another member of the influential K-pop group, Big BangT. P is the charismatic rapper that you can't help but fall in love with.

The year-old rapper and actor is known for his signature deep and manly voice. Besides attaining astronomic success in the K-pop industry, T. P has also starred in several Korean dramas and films such korean Iris and Commitment. It seems like there is nothing that T. P does not excel in. P's public image is one that is cool, silent korean brooding, making him a sexiest bad boy. P faced marijuana usage charges and received two years of probation after being found guilty.

Despite the controversy, as sexiest of the top artists in K-pop, we're sure he will come back, stronger than before. Rapper, producer idol leader of Idol boy group Block Byear-old ZICO is known for being one of the only artists who was able to maintain his clout as an korean rapper, while attaining mass appeal as an idol. He started out as an underground rapper, releasing mixtapes and gaining industry respect before debuting as the leader of K-pop band Block B.

ZICO is known for writing controversial songs that pushes the boundaries. In response he said, "I did feel at times that our creative freedom of expression was being suppressed". What a rebel! Hence, he does not perfectly fit the cookie-cutter style of most K-pop artists. Mino and Bobby released a mini-album under the sub-unit MOBB to fully showcase their incredible rapping skills.

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