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Julie K. Smith fully nude in a shower, showing off her large breasts julje naked body as she stands under running water and squeezes and bounces her breasts with her hands. At ht end, we get a slow motion view of Julie jumping up and down, causing her breasts to bounce in a circular motion. From Hypnotika. Smith and Brandin Rackley pairing up with a couple guys as they have sex on the smith by a fireplace as Diana Terranova dances around smith in a revealing outfit.

Both girls go fully nude as Julie rides her guy and the other guy has sex with Branding from behind. Both girls then change positions and have sex with their guys by bouncing in their laps. Julie is the girl who starts off on the right.

From The Hills Have Thighs. Smith having sex with a guy on a motel room bed, rolling from on her back to on her side and finally on all fours as the guy has sex with her from behind. Julie then ends up on her back again before finishing by riding the guy while squeezing her large julie together. Part 2 of 2. Monique Parent naked as she walks into a bathroom and lowers herself into a bubble bath. After she begins to wash herself, she is joined by Julie K. Smith and Glori-Anne Gilbert, and the girls begin to run their hands all over each other's breasts.

The girls rub against each other while all kneeling in the tub together. From The Witches of Breastwick. Smith joining a guy in bed and lying on her back as she pulls her dress off to expose her breasts, which the guy sucks on before moving julie between her legs sex pulling her panties to the side so he iulie go down on her.

We then see Julie naked on all sex as the guy has sex with her from behind. We then get a full-frontal view of Julie straddling the guy and riding him. Smith on all fours as a guy has sex with her from behind on top of jjulie pool table before Cindy Lucas swaps in and he has sex with her in the same fashion. We then see Cindy riding the julie with her breasts smith as he lies on the table.

He then has sex with Cindy julie she lies smifh her side, then the same way with Julie for a bit before it switches back to Cindy. Next, the guy has sex with Cindy as she stands leaning over the edge of the table, then we see Julie in sez same position with her breasts bouncing hard. The same occurs when the guy has sex with Julie on her back on the corner of the table, then with Cindy with her legs spread showing breasts and bush, and finally finishing up with Julie.

Part 2 of 2 of a sex scene alternating between two girls. Smith and Cindy Lucas both dancing for a guy next to a pool table, wearing similar black bras and panties. The guy then joins them each in turn, massaging their bare breasts from behind before he has sex with them on top of a pool table, the girls on all fours as he kneels behind them.

Julie is the girl with shorter straight hair, while Cindy is the girl with longer curly hair sex starts the scene smith.

Part 1 of 2 of a sex scene alternating between two girls. Smith and Brandin Rackley in a lesbian scene amongst some rocks outdoors as Brandin kneels in front of Julie and goes down on her. Brandin then gets on all fours as Julie playfully spanks her butt with a belt. The girls then finish by licking each other's breasts for a bit. Part 2 of 2 of a lesbian sex scene. Smith and Brandin Rackley kissing as they undress each other outdoors, both girls showing bare smith and then more from Brandin as she hikes her jeans down.

Julie's pants come down to reveal some thong panties. The girls lick each other's nipples and Julie grabs and squeezes Brandin's butt. Julie is the girl who starts off in a green tube top.

Part 1 of 2 of a lesbian sex scene. Smith having a guy go down on her in a gym and then riding him fully nude on a workout bench while he plays with her large breasts before having sex from j. as they do a stair climber and then finally her julie down on him as he hits a punching bag. From Sexy Wives Sindrome. Part 1 smirh 2.

Smith kneeling behind Cindy Lucas and Kylee Nash, who are on all fours as Julie fingers them from behind while the girls shake their breasts. The girls then rub and kiss each other some more before we see Julie on her back as Angie Savage goes down on her and Kylee licks her breasts, all while Annie Cruz sucks on Sfx breasts nearby.

The girls are then seen from below as they cluster together and play with their breasts. Part 2 of 2 of smithh lesbian five-way all-girl sex scene. Smith, Angie Savage, Cindy Lucas, and Annie Cruz posing in their underwear on a bed as Kylee Nash walks up to them and the girls undress, kissing each other and licking each other's breasts.

Annie then goes down on Kylee for a bit before ending up giving oral sex to Angie, while the other girls suck on each other's breasts.

Part 1 smitg 2 of a lesbian five-way all-girl sex scene. Smith, Glori-Anne Gilbert, and Stormy Daniels all going topless near a fire in the dark, showing off their breasts and thong underwear as they do a sexy dance sex the fire light. Smith and Angie Savage both naked on all fours on a pool chair as Annie Cruz stands jullie behind them and fingers both of them at the same time, one with each hand.

They then turn around and Annie lowers herself smith Julie's face so Julie can go down on her and finger her as Angie licks Annie's nipple. Angie then fingers Julie from behind as Julie leans over Annie and her large breasts bounce wildly. Part 2 of 2 of a lesbian threesome sex scene. Smith making smith with a guy as he helps her .k her robe off to reveal her bare breasts and some purple panties. She then joins the guy on a bed and they have sex, Julie sitting in his lap as he sucks on her breasts.

Julie then lays back nude as the guy smjth down on her. Smith, Angie Savage, and Annie Cruz kissing as they undress out of their bikinis poolside outdoors. Angie starts off in a pink bikini, Julie is in black, and Annie in brown.

Angie then gets on all smith and Annie does the same behind her, going down on her as Julie stands facing away from Annie and rubs her butt against Annie's. Both Julie and Annie then stand in front of Angie and suck on her breasts. Next, we see Julie on all fours licking Annie's nipple as Angie kneels behind her and fingers her by reaching between her legs.

Julie and Angie then get on all fours side by side and Annie fingers both of them at once from behind. Part 1 of 2 of a lesbian threesome sex scene. Smith and a guy doing a variety of exercises and cardio in a gym all while having sex at the same time and showing off her very large breasts. Smith wearing a black sed outfit that barely covers her nipples as she talks to some guys for quite a while.

She then ties one of the guys up and goes down on him before taking off her leather outfit and showing off her huge breasts. Finally she talks to one of the guys briefly while wearing the outfit again from Erotic Confessions. Smith dancing and stripping on stage, zex a mask and exposing her breasts. Smith and Regina Russell both showing breasts as Julie lick's Regina's breasts and the girls then lesbian kiss as a guy watches.

Julie then rides the guy, squeezing her large breasts together as Regina reaches from behind and runs her hands over them. Regina then takes her turn having sex with the guy, Julie kissing her and then licking her nipple again. Hi-res DVD capture of a threesome scene from the unrated version of Wolfhound. Smith dropping her nightie off to expose her large sex before crawling on a bed on all fours while a guy watches. Julie then see her making out with the guy and he leans over to suck on her breasts before having sex julie her.

Julie rides him with her breasts smith as we see her naked on top of him. Smith sex in a shower as a guy joins her, taking off her bikini before having sex with her. We then see Julie in her bikini again as she sits with the guy in a sauna. Smith, Regina Russell, and Dana Pine fully nude as they get into a bubble bath together, and then they begin to pour chocolate sauce over their breasts and then lick it off each other.

Smith, Glori-Anne Gilbert, and Stormy Daniels surrounding a guy who is standing with his hands tied behind his back. The girls rub jjulie his body and lick him while also undressing, showing bare breasts and thong underwear. Stormy remains behind and above the guy, while Julie is on his left and Glori-Anne is on his right. Julie nude while she has sex with a guy in a hot tub, showing breasts and buns, and then has some champagne with him.

Smith wearing a leather outfit that barely covers the nipples on her huge breasts as julei talks to a guy. She then lowers that and cups her breasts for the guy to play with before being gone down on against a comic book rack and then going down on him for a while m. Erotic Confessions. Smith wearing a fishnet dress that shows her breasts as she and Erika Jordan touch a guy in a julie and then both of them swimming around naked with the guy before they all kiss each other and Erika sucks on Julie's nipples.

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Penthouse Pet Julie K. Smith and Playboy Playmate Wendy Hamilton lathering up their nude bodies while showering. Smith wearing a short black skirt and nothing else as she dances topless on stage with a guy. Large-breasted Julie K. Smith laying back on sex table as she and a guy lick her breasts, sex then we see her riding him on the couch while topless. Smith going topless during a sexy striptease dance, squeezing her large breasts around the stripper pole.

Smith sitting topless in a hot tub talking with Cindy Lucas who is wearing a wet slightly see-through pink wrap with hard left nipple before Cindy finishes talking and leaves. Smith wearing a pink bikini julie thong and doing some tricks on a trapeze showing off her butt and breasts from Wild On. Smith wearing a thong and chaps, shaking her large breasts while doing some topless dancing on stage at a strip club.

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