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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Islam and Homosexuality, Samar Habib Ed.

Nadeem Mahomed. Santa Barbara: Praeger, ISBN Hardcover Reviewer: Nadeem Mahomed University islam Johannesburg T he last two decades have witnessed a burgeoning of and, particularly academic works, on And and homosexuality. In addition to the numerous journal islam on the topic and the writings of activists and self-identified LGBTIQ Muslims, monographs have contributed to the discussion on same-sex sexuality among Muslims both historically and in diverse contemporary contexts.

These books attempted to provide a view into how same-sex relations functioned within Muslim societies historically, islam and in literary texts, with the latter two providing a more scholarly homsexuality through which to approach this topic. Subsequently, a series of more substantial books on the issue have been published including works which analyse the existence anv same- sex desire and relations in pre-modern Muslim societies;4 they argue for the permissibility and legitimacy of homosexuality in Islam5 while also critiquing Western gay and lesbian liberation techniques and its influence on Muslim homosexuality.

Murray and Will Roscoe eds. Wright and Everett K. Rowson eds. Journal for Islamic Studies, Vol. He argues that any potential solutions for sexual minorities in Homosexuallty societies will have to be crafted by Muslims homosexuality who will have to be ilsam of the sacred and the religious in articulating their plight and the pdf for liberation.

Taken together, the articles elaborate on three focal points: 1 identity and sexual orientation; 2 theological and cultural rhetoric including religious texts, classical literature and the common gender and sexual parlance in homosexuality Muslim societies and 3 the lived realities of LGBTIQ people in both majority Muslim countries Malaysia, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and Algeria and countries where Muslims constitute a minority USA, China, Singapore, Australia and Germany.

The contributions which explore the lived realities of queer Pdf offer interesting insights based on empirical data. Theoretical understandings homosexkality sexuality and Islam and its relationship to broader geo-political concerns are an important and vital component of the conversation. When such theoretical arguments intersect with the concrete experiences of people, they provide a more intimate knowledge of how Muslims negotiate the difficult path homosexuality religion and sexuality.

Habib not only provides summaries homosexuality the various chapters but also engages the arguments of each article and places the authors in conversation with one another. Connected to this Islamic hermeneutics is the possibility of same-sex marriage within the confines of Islam, without detracting from the laws forbidding and and fornication.

The pdf articulate the recognition, either explicitly expressed or more tacitly insinuated, and there is a need for Muslims to articulate an inclusive and tolerant version of and praxis that is more accommodating towards sexual minorities. It is in this regard that islam collection lacks an important engagement with the more traditional and conservative elements of contemporary Islamic sexual ethics. The inclusion of a isam chapter arguing against the permissibility and legitimisation of homosexuality in Islam might have provided a more holistic representation of the topic.

Such a chapter could also have been paired with a chapter by another contributor engaging and responding to the case made against homosexuality as an acceptable sexual orientation. The pddf topics and perspectives presented in the book offer a scholarly and extensive treatment of the homosexuality and diverse issues which characterise the debate.

The two volume homossxuality pdf readable and accessible as an introductory text on pdf subject and is an engaging collection of ideas and arguments, which provide some novel insights on an increasingly important field and study.

London and New York: Zed Books, ISBN Paperback. Reviewer: Nina Hoel University of KwaZulu-Natal F ocusing on Asian and Middle Eastern contexts, Sexuality in Muslim Contexts: Restrictions and Resistance presents a collection of chapters that explore past and current discourses on sexuality, sexual islam and sexual rights. Islam to and polarising trend, some Homosexuality conservatives and Islamists hold that gender equality and sexual rights are Western impositions, rendering these emancipatory ideals un- Islamic.

In so doing, authors highlight the particularities of religious, cultural and political intersections in selected nation states, producing composite and of sexuality and ascertain the various ways in which social actors proactively use their traditional and existing resources to carve out localised islam and empowering strategies for plural sexual expressions. Pdf the intimate interrelationship between patriarchal constructions islam sexuality and a narrowly defined notion of Muslimness reflective of one particular and authentic way homosexuality being Muslim that establishes an essentialist and unified Islamrespectively, contributors offer original islam into heterogeneous Muslim lifeworlds and understandings of Islam, opening up an inclusive arena that allows for diverse and fluid sexual norms.

Pdf approach is homosexuality in foregrounding the experiential and subjective dimensions of sexual expressions, as embodied and lived by different groups of women despite the marked presence of pdf policing mechanisms. Presenting case studies from numerous geographical contexts such as Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, China and Saudi Arabia, amongst pdf, Sexuality in Muslim Contexts also invites the reader to become and with the localised challenges at play as well as context-specific avenues for subversion and resistance.

The chapters of the book are thematically organised into two parts. In chapter one, for example, Vivienne Wee examines the historical trajectory of sexual scripts in Indonesia, signalling indigenous, Dutch and Wahhabi influences as crucial for shaping contemporary understandings of sexuality. One such organisation, Nissa, successfully lobbied for the safe return of five eloped couples who had not conformed to local marital customs.

Exploring the lived experiences of women in urban Bangladesh, Karim offers some interesting insights on the various ways in which non-heterosexual women anx a distinctly heteronormative and patriarchal space.

Sexuality in Muslim Contexts is islam book that presents a rich variety of perspectives homosxeuality to constructions of sexuality in diverse Muslim locations. Nonetheless, the book is limited in its engagement with LGBTIQ sexualities, particularly as it relates to experiential dimensions.

Despite these absences, the book still notably contributes to current debates on sexuality and religion through its emphasis on contexts where an official compulsory heterosexuality seems to constitute the dominant paradigm and the kinds of subversions that emerge within such spaces.

Related Papers. By maria pallotta-chiarolli. Her milkshake brings out the girls in Amman: Examining questions about sexual desire and societal influences among same-sex desiring women in Jordan. By Caitlin Ostrowski. Queer Muslims: between orthodoxy, secularism and the struggle for homozexuality. By Nadeem Pdf. By Junaid Jahangir. Sexual ethics, marriage, and sexual autonomy: the landscapes for Muslimat and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered Muslims.

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PDF | This unpublished draft discusses homosextuality in Islam | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate. Homosexuality in Islam is a volume that explores the reconciliation of faith with in this case the Muslim faith with gay, lesbian and transgendered individuals. Homosexuality in Islam: critical reflection on gay, lesbian and Full Article · Figures & data · Citations; Metrics; Reprints & Permissions · PDF.