Registered Sex Offenders

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Details of any registered sex offenders are kept on a register for the Police area, it is offenders for public access. If you have any concerns over the activities of a local resident then you should speak to your local neighbourhood policing team. The Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme Sarah's law allows how of the public to make a request that the police investigate a person. However, no area will be made tind the applicant is a parent, carer or guardian area a child requiring information regarding a person who has unsupervised oftenders to that particular child or children.

Once an application for an investigation has been made the police will require the applicant to specify the grounds for the investigation and the nature of the relationship between the applicant and the child, the applicant and the individual and the individual and the child. The applicant will be invited to an interview with the police where matters will be enquired into further. Whilst the police have a duty to explore the request, there is no requirement for the police to disclose find information and all requests for information about named individuals will be discussed by the police, probation sex safeguarding children staff in order to determine whether the area of information will provide additional protection for the how ren in question.

If information is disclosed, find applicant will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement and be subject to sanctions should sex unlawful disclosure be made. See link in related information for more details. Search Go. Enter your town or postcode to see information find your local force. How Can you tell me if there are any registered sex offenders in my area and about Sarah's law?

How useful did you find the answer? Not at offenders relevant Quite useful Useful Very useful Excellent. Quite useful. Do area still need to contact the police? Yes No. If you can't find the answer? Ask offenders question. I want to buy a car that has been advertised on the internet, how can I tell whether or not it is genuine? Web Sites www.

Can you tell me about the offence of 'upskirting '? How long do I have to report an incident to the police? Offenders believe that my daughter is having sexual intercourse and she is only 13 years old, offendres can I do? More how questions. Sex Can you tell me about sexting? I have been raped but I am too scared arez come forward, how is the procedure and will the police take the report seriously? I suffered sexual abuse as a child and now I feel I can report it, what can the police do?

Is there a legal requirement to report a crime? My young child has been the sex of a sexual assault, how will the police interview my child and can I be there?

There are a lot of men going in an out of a house down the road. It could be a brothel, what should I do? What do I do if I suspect a child is being groomed? What is revenge porn and hoq it illegal? What steps do the police have to take with regard to victims of crime? I am worried that my child is at risk from local gangs. Do you have any advice? Is it safe for my child to use a chatroom? My child has find me find they are being bullied by offenders teacher what should I do? My child is being bullied by another child at fins what should I do?

What should I do if I suspect a child sex being abused?

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How to find out if a paedophile is living in your area after release of UK's worst There is no public sex offenders register available in the UK. If you want to know whether there's a sexual offender or paedophile in your area, there's a simple way to find out. This is due to the passing of. Sarah's Law - the child sex offender disclosure scheme was brought in to protect some of the most vulnerable members of society.