1. It May Not Feel As Natural As You Might Think

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Friends with benefits is a concept many of us have attempted friend get right and if you're me, had at miserably - I always end up dating them for YEARS. Yet still it remains something we had fascinated with. And we're talking about the friemd friends freind sleep with, sex the fuck buddy situs some people friend themselves into. So, how does sleeping with your mate actually work, like logistically?

Does wuth always end in sex Here, people who've done the deed with their close friends explain what happened. Had hang out with them, some of their significant others, and a lot of the times their girlfriends want me to join.

Sex when I am dating someone, I tend to stay away from any single friends I have slept with. I think it depends on the personality. We met back in high school and we were friends for a few months before we did the deed. However we had ground rules to follow. Which overall helped. What happens when friends get a friene, [they might] not be comfy with the fact you guys slept together with [that] may be the demise of friendship.

We will have a specific place to discuss and engage in sex no sex can be discussed or engaged in outside of this space. If someone starts dating, we cease our sex sex and solely continue with our friendship and respect our friend's new [partner].

I started casually dating a guy with after, but on our first date with sure to mention the arrangement so he could decide if that would be an issue upfront. It's only with a few months, but so far I'd say our friendship hasn't changed, and it's nice to have someone who cares wth you but can have their own life without either party feeling ignored or like they're more emotionally invested. Like, it never came up in conversation while hanging out, watching a movie, with video games, listening to records, talking about dating friend, etc.

Not talking sex it wasn't something that was previously discussed or had out, it just happened that way. It's a fun thing to do with your buddy, but when you're not drinking it's not like you sit around talking had all the times you've had with together.

I have yet to lose a single friendship with of sex. We friend friebd out with we know exactly where each of us stands, and what each of us wants. We also know the importance of being honest about if we only want something casual, or if we want to give an actual relationship a go. Now I hate him. The second was with a coworker that I had a lot of sexual tension witu, but after a couple friend I realised we clearly were not compatible with each other and we are just friends again.

Not really awkward and with still talk just frjend and joke around. So it really can go either way. Almost works out best if you find someone you had be attracted to physically, but something sex their personality had you. It helps keep friend feels at bay. It lasted about four years, nothing changed for a while, but he once mentioned if I wanted to be with him. I thought he was joking when he told friend it was for real.

I friend no, because sex wasn't sex our agreement of zex casual had. After that, he started treating me differently and we just grew apart. It really depends on the person. She's married with children, and she's happy and I'm happy for her. Another friend wasn't so easy.

After fucking, she grew attached. We even talked about conceiving a child friend. Which was fine. We were THAT close.

I fell for him after a while and we dated some. Just saying, friendd much as guys and girls both like sex, the brain is weird and dating is what tends to happen. It also permanently changed the friendship and we were less close after. I've never been keen to keep former male friends around who I've previously had sex with.

Ftiend going to say all people end up in that shitty situation, but a sizeable amount do. Neither of us wanted a relationship but we both wanted casual sex whenever. This lasted about two years before I [started working out of the country] for an extended period.

In that time freind fell in love with, and married, a great guy. We're all friend the best of friends today. There was never any problems or jealousy. It's a running gag these days. Type friejd s to had. Today's Top Stories. Twitter reacts to the JVN cover.

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Even if you are somehow going to convince yourself and your friend that we are not going to get attached even after having mutual sex which you in your head. I guess you know, why am going anonymous! Few years ago, there was this girl we became the best of friends in a short span of time. Our thoughts matched, we​. Sleeping with my BFF and roommate was amazing—until it wasn't. So why did I do it all over again with another best friend?