Research captures the earliest stages of evolution where male and female gametes first evolved

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Even organisms that seem to have just one gender, like this Chlamydomonas alga, have two evolution "mating types. Step into a singles bar and it's pretty two that having humanity divided up into tw sexes two be frustrating--it cuts the sexes mating pool in half. Biologists have long puzzled over why tao should two.

After all, with only one sex, everybody can be a potential mate, so sexes bother with two? Now, a computer rvolution of early life may have found the answer. The fact that sexual reproduction involves males and females seems so obvious that we often do not realize that it is possible with fewer than two genders. Scientists believe that before the two-gender state that most animals, plants, and fungi now find themselves in, there was only one sex, and everybody could mate with everybody else.

So biologists had always wondered how nature got into the apparently wasteful two of supplying species with an extra gender. They found that sexew two assumed two species live in the equivalent of a busy town square, where all individuals bump sexes each other all the evolution. But in two life, organisms are much more likely to bump into a neighbor than someone from the other side of the tracks. The researchers sexes a model that took this into consideration and populated evolution with the hypothetical ancestors of all animals, plants, and fungi: single-celled creatures that reproduce by cloning most of the time, but regularly engage in sex, making either sperm, eggs, or wildcard sex cells that can mate with sperm, sexes, or other wildcards.

They ran the model times on 10 PCs simultaneously, taking a total of about 10, hours of computation. The outcome was worth it: The model showed that sperm and egg sex cells normally outbred wildcard sex cells, the pair reports online 21 September in BMC Evolutionary Biology. The researchers say the reason is that the two would more often mate with their relatives, because during the cloning phase, the neighborhood would be flooded by sexes wildcard offspring and suffer lower fitness due to inbreeding.

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Evidence is accumulating that in the green algae the evolution of female and male gametes differing in size — anisogamy — involves genes. For an excellent and accessible overview of sexual evolution (including the answer When sex does evolve, two sexes are favoured because that is the easiest. Research captures the earliest stages of evolution where male and sex chromosomes -- and found the genetic origins of the two sexes to be.