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A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authorsclicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. Learn more. Carmita H N Abdo. Oliveira Jr. Edson Duarte Moreira Sexual. Objective: Describe the main sexual habits and dysfunctions of the Brazilian population. Chi-square tests were carried out. Nowadays, women begin sexual life 5,6 years earlier than 40 years ago.

The average number of sexual intercourses per week was 3. Older individuals are the most unsatisfied with their sexual life. Conclusions: ED is behavior most reported male dysfunction. OD and LSD are much more common in women. For men, the major fear is poor sexual performance and, for women, contamination by STD.

Sexual unsatisfaction increases with age for both genders. In last four decades the beginning of sexual life has occurred earlier for women, while for men brazilian great difference was not observed. Citations References 4. Full-text available. Oct Impact of urinary incontinence on the quality of life and female sexuality. Jul Incontinence has a negative impact on quality of life and sexuality.

The follow up ranged from brazilian to 53 months. Overactive bladder showed the worst scores in all domains. Urinary incontinence significantly affects the quality of life. A sexuality evaluation in incontinence patients is recommended. It is important that incontinence symptoms be treated since they affect not only the sexual, but also the psychological realms of a person's life. Researchers and clinicians are increasingly aware of the importance of identifying urinary incontinence, in particular sexual it causes distress or adversely affects the health-related quality of life of women.

To estimate the brazilian of ED and related risk factors in a sample of the Brazilian male population. Cross-sectional study was carried out with a convenience sample of 2, men, sexual years of age or older, using an anonymous self-administered questionnaire. ED prevalence in the sample was obtained behavior a general question which was directly derived from the ED definition.

Data were submitted to chi-square or Student's brazilian tests. Logistic regression analyses were used for risk factor calculations. The prevalence of ED was Subjects with ED presented lower self-esteem, hindered interpersonal relationships, fewer sexual intercourses per week, more extra-marital relationships, complaints of lack of libido and premature ejaculation.

When compared with men aged years, men aged presented 2. Level sexual education was inversely proportional to risk of ED. Yellow race, unemployment, religious affiliation, prostate tumor, hypertension and depression were variables that increased ED risk.

The prevalence of ED was high and comparable to that found in behavior studies. Subjects with ED suffer from less sexual activity and poorer quality of life.

Age and lower socioeconomic level are directly proportional to ED risk. Therapeutic and preventive measures should be implemented to minimize the sexual impact of this condition, especially in developing countries.

Changes the sexual quality of life of the obeses submitted Fobi-Capella gastroplasty surgery. Feb Examine changes in the quality of sexual life of men with morbid obesity offered by a reduction in body weight following Fobi-Capella gastroplasty. A quantitative, prospective, longitudinal, cross-sectional study was carried out on 21 brazilian with morbid obesity between March and March Data collection from clinical records and the administering of a specific questionnaire on issues relating to sexual function was performed prior to and six months following surgery.

Scores were analyzed with the help of the Epi-Info 6 program, using the Student's t-test for paired samples.

The total score increased behavior the behavior post operative in Scores in areas related to erectile function and sexual relations increased in General sexual satisfaction increased in The average total score and scores on the domains of the questionnaire prior to and six months following surgery revealed statistically significant differences, except those relating to sexual desire and orgasm.

The quality of sexual life in morbid obese men improves following Fobi-Capella surgery. Favorable changes occurred in sexual function after these individuals underwent this type of bariatric surgery. Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in two women groups of different socioeconomic status. Mar To identify if there is sexual difference in the prevalence of sexual dysfunction and in the sexual domain scores between a group of women attended at a public service and a group attended at a private service, and to investigate if brazilian is an association between sexual dysfunction, family income and educational status.

Transversal study including sexually active women sexual from 18 to 45 years, 90 of them from a public service and from private services.

We evaluated age, marital status, use of hormonal contraception, income and educational status, and all women were submitted to the Female Sexual Function Index FSFIan instrument for the evaluation of their sexuality. The Statistical Package for Social Sciences, version The chi 2 test was applied for categorical variables and the Student's t-test to independent samples. There was no significant difference regarding the prevalence of sexual dysfunction between groups public versus private 20 and The dysfunction occurred in There was no significant difference in the prevalence of sexual dysfunction or in the sexual domain scores between groups, nor was there an association with income or education status.

Satisfaction with the treatment, confidence and 'naturalness' in engaging in sexual activity in men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction: Preliminary results of a randomized controlled trial of three therapeutic approaches. Apr BJU Int. In all, 30 men with mild and moderate psychogenic ED were randomized to receive for 6 months: GPT plus 50 mg sildenafil on-demand, or 50 mg sildenafil on-demand exclusively, or GPT exclusively.

The treatment-by-time comparison was not significant at endpoint vs the 3-month follow-up, in the three groups. Determinants of sexual dysfunction among middle-Aged women. Dec Objective: To assess the determinants of sexual dysfunction among middle-aged women.

Methods: In a cross-sectional, questionnaire-based study of middle-aged women aged years attending a public healthcare facility in Natal, Brazil, behavior on sociodemographic, clinical, and behavioral characteristics were collected between May and October Conclusion: Sexual dysfunction was found to be substantially influenced by sociodemographic, biologic, and behavioral variables.

May To investigate the impact of brazilian on female sexual function. An analytical, cross-sectional study was conducted on non-pregnant and pregnant women aged 18 to 45 years. The study included premenopausal, sexually active women with a steady partner and excluded those brazilian antidepressants or with a diagnosis of depression. Eleven of these women 6. Sexual dysfunction was The same was not observed regarding pain.

We conclude that pregnancy negatively influences female sexual function, particularly the desire and excitement domains, revealing the importance of addressing the issue by professionals dealing with pregnant women. Sexual dysfunction, depression, behavior anxiety in young women according to relationship status: An online survey. Sexual dysfunction is a common, still poorly understood problem among women. Being or not in a relationship seems to be a risk factor for sexual dysfunction.

To evaluate the presence of sexual problems, anxiety, and depression in young women and to correlate findings with current relationship status single, in a committed relationship, or married. Data were collected trough an online survey from a total of women aged between 20 and 29 years. Behavior data were collected, and both the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale and the Female Sexual Function Index were applied. Data were statistically analyzed using the chi-square and Kruskal-Wallis tests, and groups were compared in 2 x 2 matrices using the Mann-Whitney test.

Single women showed a significantly higher prevalence of problems in the lubrication Additionally, significantly higher depression scores were behavior among single women 5.

Anxiety scores were similar in all groups.

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OBJECTIVE: Alcohol and other drug use appears to reduce decision-making ability and increase the risk of unsafe sex, leading to possible unplanned. Request PDF | Sexual profile of Brazilian population: Results from Brazilian Study of Sexual Behavior (BSSB) | Objective: Describe the main sexual habits and. Changes in sexual behavior following a sex education program in Brazilian public schools. Article (PDF Available) in Cadernos de saúde.