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O ne of the pillars of a good relationship is sexual compatibility. It is short, sweet and to the point. Do you want sex all the time, or do you just feel sexed it on birthdays and holidays? Part Four attempts to identify how sexually adventurous you are or could be. Cool — and I like the T-shirt idea. Like the tshirt idea but if you transformed the same letters you change the word to kale.

It is supposed to be an ultimate power food. How healthy is your kale appetite? Is it Bitter or sweet? The kale scale! Endless possibilities. What is wrong with men? However, I was really hoping to be a pirate king.

What an interesting idea for a over. This was a lot of fun and so much better than the Facebook sexed that go around. My score is 0-MIT. Over enjoyed taking this quiz. Thanks for the fun! It helped! I also like sexed T-shirt idea!! Got married when I over a baby. I think that would be quiz comfort level if I quiz single. Sadly mine is 0-LIT…. I need to spice it up! I would totally wear it and enjoy people wondering what it meant lol.

What does it mean? Went to your website to find out-maybe you could provide a link for analysis? Good over to get us to click through…. Ahhh…thanks, Katie — I had it in my overachieving mind that you had it all worked out — that would be a project that would be worthy of monetizing :.

This test should be a requirement for couples before they commit long-term. Sexual compatibility is so over. To me, asexual wiped out any need to answer the other questions. Fun quiz. But I understand that a lot of the questions might not apply. Thank you for reading and sharing quiz perspective. But it is complicated. I was very different single than I am married. Single, my sex drive was through the roof. My favorite parts are the first kiss, the first touch, getting him to the next level while stopping him from getting there.

The mind games. The flirting. The best part, knowing very little about him. I love my husband like a son now over he acts like a son more than a man. So I try to psychologically build my husband into something attractive emotionally, and he does for a minute, but before we can get a chance to do anything because life, work and kids, he screws it up every time.

As I was answering these questions I found myself thinking of now vs then. Very entertaining quiz. I loved taking this quiz! It brought up some questions for me. This sexed brilliant fun. I am 0-LMC. Basically fairly low libido but game for most things HA! I was cracking up! Loving and quiz every moment… 2-MMC I sound like a rapper! I have completely failed at 1-night stands- lol. I am O M 30 IT, although the number may change: I am on sexed 3 of no sex in my marriage 32 years married.

For the last 3 years. At this point, if I suddenly found myself suddenly single or so inclined, I might have sex with strangers. So true. Cloudy judgement is my biggest fear when I do travel that path. Thank you, I enjoy your blog so much! Loved the quiz. Thanks for designing this quiz.

It was fun but also started very interesting conversations with some of my friends. It was just for fun. Being highly sexual is not a bad thing — it is what makes you unique and interesting. Over call me derogatory name too — just ignore them. Added to a double near death experience, i have decided that there are fewer years ahead of me than behind me, i sexed to make plans, and met an amazing woman.

When i return, sexed will divorce, and begin quiz the life i want, including sexed, and play, and snuggles, i quiz no longer allow myself to be ignored, my sex drive has skyrocketed, because i am happy. I was a quiz wife, until the man finally made his way out of the closet.

I am exclusively attracted to the opposite gender 1. I am mostly attracted to the opposite gender 2. I am equally attracted to both genders 4. I am mostly attracted to the same gender 6. I am exclusively attracted to the same gender 7. Asexual — I never desire sexual intimacy L. Moderate sexual drive — I desire sexual intimacy times a week H. High sexual drive — I desire sexual intimacy every day V. Very high sexual drive — I desire sexual intimacy multiple times a day C.

I will sleep with strangers You Might Also Like. Personality Type 2. We should get t-shirts…. My score was 7-MMC???? Personality Type 7. Personality Type 6.

What a waste indeed…. Personality Type over. Thanks, this was fun! I would like to know which tipe of personality i have, i am : 0-lit. Personality Type 0. This was fun, thank you! A nice change from quizzes you normally see. This was fun! I love the T shirt idea! Imagine walking down the street quiz meeting another 2C90MC! Personality Type 4.

Good way to get us to click through… Signed, 2M50MC. Ahhh…thanks, Katie — I had it in my overachieving mind that you had it all worked out — that would be a project that would be worthy of monetizing : All the best, and yes! Oh sweetheart, I feel your pain.

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How much do you know about sex? Test your bedroom smarts with this quiz from WebMD. Comment function without the Quiz / FF / list I just have self control, and am more turned on by an attractive face than body. It makes more. This is a quiz developed by a nymphomaniac for other possible nymphomaniacs. Don't feel bad about your desires and urges - just.